Millennial Magazine - Noa Ries QuoteNoa Ries hails from beautiful Bondi Beach in Sydney. She had her ‘a’ha’ moment in early 2012 as a personal trainer and health & fitness obsessed young mother. One day she had an epiphany when she found herself still wearing her lycra activewear and felt completely daggy (that’s Australian for “totally lacking in style”). She missed the sensation of dressing up for work that she had relished while working in the advertising industry and realized there had to be a way she could live and workout with intensity and still look and feel fashionable and chic all day long (Who has time for 5 outfit changes these days?!). After 18 months of research and product development, she left her job at an online advertising agency in Sydney, Australia to build Vie Active into the fitness fashion brand she had been searching for, and hasn’t looked back since.

Some of her favorite things are Bondi Beach sunrises, really good running playlists, the sound of her daughters’ giggles, strong coffee and ripping the tag off brand new clothes. She has run one marathon and one half ironman, but these days prefers soft sand runs, barre workouts and HIIT classes.

Year born: 1983
Age: 31
City: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Background: 10 years advertising, sales, and marketing experience
Profession: CEO and Designer of Vie Active
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