Regardless of the reason behind you throwing a dinner party, whether it’s just to mingle with your friends or to get in your boss’s good books, there’s an art to it. There’s a way to create the perfect setting and atmosphere for such a gathering, and there are certain things to do to ensure all of your guests have a good time. With that in mind, below are three factors to consider to make sure the next dinner party you throw is the best ever. 

Get the food right

The focal point of your dinner party is always going to be the food that you make, so you’ve got to get your culinary choices on point. It means that, as soon as you know that you are going to be hosting a gathering, you have to make a firm decision on what it is you will be serving up. After you’ve made that decision, you have to go all out on making sure that dish is as good as it can be. There can be nothing half-hearted about it. Right from the off; you need to focus all of your efforts on ensuring that the food you serve is 10/10.

Depending on the style of party that you wish to host and who will be attending, your first big decision in this instance is whether you will serve sit-down-formal-meal kind of food or whether you will make something more casual. In regards to the latter, you can’t go wrong with cheesy chicken enchiladas, especially if your dinner party is Mexican-themed. Enchiladas with sour cream and cilantro are a fun treat for everybody that tucks into them, and they’re incredibly easy to create, too. Being made up of chicken, cheese and sour cream, what could go wrong when giving this Mexican-Inspired favorite a go in your kitchen?

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Create a sense of occasion

Because they are not everyday occurrences, all dinner parties, regardless of how small they are or what their purpose is, are big occasions for those that attend them. For this reason, you simply must go out of your way to make each of your guests feel special and do your best to create a sense of occasion. It means going above and beyond in regards to service, decorating your dinner party setting, and choosing the right room in your home to host the party.

Consider your guest list wisely

If your guest list is pre-determined for you, then there’s not a lot you can do in regards to picking the right people for the right experience. If you are allowed to invite whoever it is you want, then you need to be careful when you come to dishing out invitations. Importantly, you should refrain from asking two mortal enemies, no matter how entertaining the ensuing fight between them might be! If anything, to avoid any friction, host two parties and invite both enemies to your home separately. That way, there’s no friction, and you don’t look bad in the slightest.

The next time you are tasked with hosting a dinner party, make sure to remember the pieces of advice listed above.