If you have a minimalist in your life, then you know that traditional holiday and birthday gift giving is no easy task. What do you get someone that does not want anything? Or at the very least, who does not want “stuff”? Believe it or not, there are still several categories of gifts to choose from. You can give your loved one an experience, entertainment, or even a completely practical convenience item. With a little creativity, you can find a gift for the minimalist on your gift list. And chances are, the gift you give will cost you less time, money and aggravation than any of the other gifts you buy this season. Here are three suggestions to give you a few ideas.


One of the big points of minimalism is just to have less stuff to clutter up your home and drain your resources. Stuff takes up space and has to be cared for. If its usefulness does not warrant the expenditures of time, energy and money that are necessary for maintaining the item in question, then the minimalist may not want it. One great way to deal with the “stuff” dilemma is to give them something that takes up no space such as an experience.

Giving your minimalist friend an experience like a restaurant gift certificate, movie or concert tickets or even a spa day is one of the best ways to show you care. A certificate or gift card takes up little to no space. And once it has been used, it goes away. There is no clutter to hang on to. Once the item has served its purpose, it is gone and a memory is left in its place.


We all like to enjoy our downtime. When you do not have to be actively engaged in work, most people want to unwind or relax. Giving someone the gift of entertainment gives them a way to do just that. The possibilities for entertainment opportunities are endless.

Entertainment can be something your friend can enjoy time and again. It could provide them with solitary enjoyment or be something they can share with others. It could be something like a membership to Netflix or Hulu that they can watch on their own or with friends in their off hours. It could be a game or puzzle which requires a little bit of space for storage, but can be enjoyed time and again and create many happy memories of good times with family and friends. You might also provide a gift card for services like iTunes.


A convenience item is a useful item. Yes, it may take up space and require some maintenance, but its usefulness more than makes up for the effort. A truly convenient item, requires little to no maintenance but is useful none-the-less. A good example might be a Kindle. It takes up some space and requires some maintenance, but its usefulness can be invaluable when you consider all of the space you will not have to make for a book collection when you can replace it with one small device.

The slim wallet is another prime example. It provides a place to keep money, debit cards and even keys and is much smaller and far less bulky than a traditional wallet. It is especially great for travelers who like to go on backpacking adventures. But, anything that can help a minimalist keep their “stuff” minimal is a good choice.

When seeking out gifts for minimalist friends, consider how they might use an item. Will it take up a lot of space, energy or time to keep this item? Can you give them something they will cherish that will not take up their time, like an experience? Finding a gift for a minimalist friend or family member does not have to be difficult or expensive, but it may take a little creativity.