If there’s one point that has been made abundantly clear in the last several years, it’s that millennials are facing both new hardships and new opportunities that past generations have not. With technology ever increasing in capability and availability, there’s more at hand. The stresses that millennials face are different, too, and they involve major decisions in their lives.

Social Media

Social media is everywhere you look today. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, it’s rare that you don’t see one of them in use. Whether for staying in touch with family or business marketing, they’re extremely popular among most age groups.

While social media is a good thing, there can also be too much of a good thing. It’s easy to become addicted to not only following what’s happening on social media, but also focusing too much on what others think of you. Bullying is rampant as people hide behind a keyboard and anonymity to insult others and spread malicious rumors. It’s not just teens, adults are doing this too, which is leading to a widespread decrease in self-esteem among the younger population. This, in turn, leads to a build-up of anxiety.

Containing Anxiety

In order to succeed in today’s society, millennials have to effectively deal with their anxieties. For some, this means developing coping techniques such as meditation and deep breathing techniques. Others turn to supplements such as those offered from Nanocraft CBD as a natural relief in the form of gelcaps, drops and waters to name a few. In extreme cases, therapy and prescription meds are necessary, and they can work wonders so that people can function at high levels.

To Go Or Not To Go… To College

In the past several decades a college degree was a must in order to gain a good career in the job market. However, with the capability of learning new programs and software online, college isn’t always a must these days. Rather than get themselves into debt right out of high school, more young adults are deciding to wait on college and make their own way through the resources they find on the internet.

Uncertain Job Market

A lot of jobs have changed and are changing in the millennial’s time. Gone are the days where blue collar jobs ruled the roost; more and more, it’s white collar jobs that are in demand. However, many are choosing to forge their own way rather than jump into jobs that are quickly becoming obsolete. They’re developing apps and designing new products that are taking the market by storm. Some invest in making crafty items such as glitter tumblers and personalized baby products that set infants and toddlers apart from others. The creativity level is skyrocketing thanks to new technology and machines that make designing new crafts convenient and effortless.

Many millennials are definitely facing anxieties that previous generations didn’t have to and it’s causing stress levels to rise. However, they’re also provided with opportunities that past generations didn’t have and learning to capitalize on these opportunities is only the beginning.