Gardens and lawns need attention and care to look their best. It’s very easy to have an overlooked or overgrown garden which makes your house and outside areas look messy and uninviting. To prevent this you want to be able to maintain these areas to keep your garden and house looking good at all times.

If you aren’t green-fingered, you may not know the best tips and tricks to maintain your garden and lawn. Not to fret however as we have curated the top tips to maintain your garden and lawn areas.

Grass Food

Feeding your lawn fertilizer will provide your grass with everything that it needs to grow nice and healthy. Another key to a nice lawn is to water regularly especially given during the colder and drier months. If you have a lawn sprinkler, set this to turn on during the evening or do this by hand if you need to. It can be easy to forget but doing this will give you a stunning lawn and prevent unsightly dry grass.

You want to ensure that the lawn is being watered deeply and not too often. This will help the roots grow further down in the soil and keeps the grass looking green even during dry and hot weather.

Weed ‘Em Out

Weeds are one of your garden’s biggest eyesores. These unsightly plants pop up almost anywhere they can, even making their way through your concrete paving. This can lead to a safety hazard and ruin the aesthetic of your garden. To get rid of these weeds you will want to look for the best lightweight weed eater to ensure the health of your garden. Opt for something non-chemical as this is kinder to the environment. To reduce the number of weeds on your lawn, ensure you are mowing regularly. The longer this is left, the more chances they have to shed their seeds and encourage more weeds to grow. The grass shouldn’t be cut too short, however.

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If you have flower beds ensure these are watered regularly and the beds and kept moist. You should be watering them around 1 or 2 times a week. With plants, you want to be watering them during the evening or early morning. It is important to do this when the soil is on the cool side, as less water will evaporate compared to the hotter hours of the day.

Don’t water the heads of plants or leaves as this can encourage mold growth. You always want to be watering gently to prevent any damage. Avoid over watering as this can affect the health of the plants. The soil should also be looked after and needs to be refreshed from time to time. Keep an eye on the soil to figure out when a good time to top up is. Bad soil will ruin your plants and cause them to be an eyesore instead of a beautiful feature of your garden.

To further protect the integrity of the soil, add mulch to it. This helps retain the moisture levels and will prevent weed growth. If you tend to be away for long periods, you might opt for something like an irrigation system. This can control how much water is fed and can even regulate moisture levels in the soil.

Maintain your plants by pruning and deadheading when necessary. Deadheading will remove old blooms to encourage new ones and by pruning, you can control growth and create space for more healthy plant growth. You should also call to get rid of unhealthy parts. You can get rid of pests and unhealthy plant growth this way which will encourage your plants to thrive and flourish. Drive out critters that can also affect your plants, if you want you, can even find critter control franchises for sale online to make it a business!

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You might want to set up barriers around your beds that can help keep out animals or pests from destroying your hard work. Something like a wire fence is a good choice as it will still allow direct sunlight. You could also opt for raised beds as this can increase the health and longevity of your plants. They are also good if you want a few different sections and are good for starting small.


Ensure your gardening tools are kept clean. This can easily be overlooked as you may think it’s not a big deal. But dirty tools can be a risk of disease and bacteria spread. Keeping your tools clean helps to keep your garden healthier for longer.

Use the tips to effectively maintain your garden and lawn. A beautiful and aesthetically pleasing garden doesn’t take too much hard work as long as you are consistent. It can be a lot simpler than you might think if you make the effort to regularly maintain it.