Many people spend so much time trying to get their hair perfect. After all, our mane is what people first see when they look at us. It more than just enhances our image, it can also show our personality. Stuck with dull, dry, and frizzy tresses? The following are the best hair care tips to get enviable healthy hair:

Shampoo 3 times a week

This might sound gross for women who wash their hair on a daily basis, but according to hair experts, no one needs to wash his or her hair every day. If you’re used to shampooing every single day, it’s time to change your habits. According to salon experts, washing too often can actually do more harm than good. Overwashing can strip off all its natural oils needed for nourishment. So instead of enjoying your daily hair wash, take a break from water for a day or two and let it absorb all its natural oil.

Don’t constantly braid or top knot

We all know how using heat tools, coloring, and styling with different types of hair extensions can damage the hair if done regularly. But did you know that by simply tying your hair you are also damaging it? Tight braids and knots can create tension on your hair follicles. This will lead to hair breakage and loss. Opt for loose ponytails or chignons. Rubber bands are also a bad way to tie your hair because it pulls on the strands aggressively causing fallout and damage.

Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet

Wet hair is ten times more fragile than dry hair. Not only will it pull out your baby locks from the roots, it will also pluck tangled hair. The best way to manage is to use a boar bristle brush that detangles. Doing this will help the brush glide through the hair without tearing or plucking any strands. So if you want to keep healthy hair that’s thick and long, avoid brushing wet hair or at least use a boar bristle brush.

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Pay attention to the food you eat

Our hair like the skin and teeth are closely intertwined with what we consume. If you want to have gorgeous flowing strands, then you have to start paying attention to your diet. When it comes to healthy hair foods, the following diets are best incorporated into your daily meal: protein, iron, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, omega 3, and biotin.

Use coconut oil for healthy hair

Aside from being an excellent makeup remover and moisturizer, coconut oil is the best oil for your hair. It’s one of the oils that can actually penetrate to the cortex of our strands, making it stronger and more resilient to damage. Research has found that coconut oil contains the richest natural source of MCFAs (medium chain fatty acids) which include antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that are very nourishing to our strands. It can help prevent hair loss, penetrate strands deeply, and nourish it for healthy growth.

Shampoo the right way

A lot of people wash their hair wrong stripping it of nutrients or making it duller than before. The golden rule is that you should start off with a warm rinse. Rinsing with warm water helps open your cuticles which help absorb nutrient water, added Hair and Skin Clinic who is famous for quality platelet reach plasma hair treatments. Just warm water though, rinsing with *too hot* water can damage your roots and break your healthy hair. When putting shampoo, don’t do so haphazardly. Gently massage your scalp. Massaging helps increase blood flow to the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

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