Forrest Galante Recounts His Wild Life In New Tell All Autobiography

Millennial Magazine- Forrest Galante

Few people can say that their work reaches every person on earth, but Forrest Galante, host of Discovery Channel’s Extinct or Alive and Shark Week, is one of them. As a wildlife biologist and conservationist who dedicates his life to studying, rediscovering, and protecting the planet, Galante educates the world on the critical need to treat nature with respect, even if only for safety.

As explained by Galante, the world is composed of complex ecosystems with different natural balances as they exist under various conditions. When our environment is adversely impacted, it’s every living being that pays the price.

In his debut book, STILL ALIVE: A Wild Life Of Discovery, Galante takes readers on a wild adventure. He shares stories about intrepid family safaris and tragic civil unrest in Zimbabwe. He writes about suspenseful run-ins with Colombian drug cartels and vengeful government officials as well as miraculous rediscoveries of species thought to be extinct.

STILL ALIVE: A Wild Life Of Discovery is much more than just a can’t-put-down adventure story bursting with man-eating crocodiles, long-forgotten species rediscovered, and near-death experiences. It is an impassioned, informative and undeniably inspiring examination of the importance of wildlife conservation today.

A powerful read for environmentalists and nature enthusiasts, Galante’s book provides practical advice on how to make a difference in preserving wildlife while you’re still alive.

To be released in both hardcover and e-book formats, STILL ALIVE: A Wild Life Of Discovery is a family treasure that will leave you wanting more!

Millennial Magazine- Forrest Galante

Pre-order your copy of STILL ALIVE: A Wild Life Of Rediscovery now. Published by Hachette Books, available June 2021.

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