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Hailing from a family with four consecutive generations of entrepreneurs, the startup mentally was ingrained in Marc Fischer’s way of being. His first business enterprise launched at the age of 10, when he would sneak into the local golf course to fish golf balls out of the 9th hole pond and sell the entire batch the next day in a matter of hours.

It was a quick and natural progression to flee the corporate scene in order to stake a claim in the tech world. Watching Steve Jobs introduce the iPhone in 2007 convinced me that mobile was going to be the next tech revolution.

For 2 years straight, Marc dedicating nights and weekends to learn the intricacies of mobile app design and the basics of iOS coding.

The fundamental belief in the potential of mobile technology culminated in the birth of DogTown Media, an app design and development agency. The burgeoning digital agency creates cutting edge apps to solve everyday problems, simplify frustrating activities, and bring endless enjoyment into the hands of app users everywhere.


Year born: 1983

Age: 31

City: Marina Del Rey, CA

Background: Richmond International University of London

Profession: CoFounder and CEO of DogTown Media

Tools of the Trade: Photoshop, MacBook Pro, Illustrator, Xcode, Android Studio, GitHub, StackOverflow, JIRA, DropBox, Apple iOS Developer Kit

Connect:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

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