Saying yes to your forever person is one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever have to make in your life. While the blissful agreement is joyous and exciting, it is followed by a series of incredibly hard choices revolving the wedding day itself. Committing to a place to gather your loved ones to witness the infamous ‘I do’ can come with a boatload of overwhelming options. 

We’re here to provide four well-rounded, highly acclaimed, picture-perfect spots in Dallas that can narrow down your search of exquisite wedding venues. Whether you’re looking for a city feel, contemporary ambience, exclusively uncommon, or even a low-cost location, these four settings will be sure to impress your guests with stunning sites and give you a night to remember. 

The Room On Main

If you’re on the hunt for a wedding venue in downtown Dallas with a touch of urban affinity, The Room on Main is a spot that is sure to check all of the boxes. The indoor scene of the venue is adorned with gigantic ceilings reaching thirty feet in height as well as gorgeous windows letting in the perfect amount of light for one’s special day. The site is versatile in nature and accommodating in regards to how many guests someone may want on big day. The Room on Main’s historic ballroom can host smaller weddings but also has the space for a bigger party of up to 320 guests. The metropolitan wonderland is sure to serve as the perfect place for your dream wedding. 

The Hall On Dragon

Artistic flair is fundamental for modernism in any type of venue. The Hall on Dragon fulfills any and all creatively inclined individuals wants and needs in a wedding day location. This contemporary spot can be found right in the heart of the Dallas Design District and is surrounded by a plethora of innovative luxury. The location includes fine-art distributors, up and becoming showrooms filled to the brim with visionary designs, and cutting-edge galleries. The impeccable placement of the venue allows for the atmosphere surrounding your special day to be artistic and sleek. The Hall on Dragon holds both a pre-function space as well as an enormous ballroom suitable for parties of up to 700 guests. It’s adaptability, artistry, and element of surprise make The Hall on Dragon is a far from ordinary event venue in Dallas and will grant you with a unique day filled with endless conversation, stunning views, and memories to last a lifetime. 

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The Windsor At Hebron Park

Romance in the air is the mantra for all of the newly engaged couples who chose to host their wedding day at The Windsor at Hebron Park. The privacy of the location makes for a fairy-tale like ambience, quietly nestled amongst a tree-lined, all-natural, utterly gorgeous backdrop. The Windsor offers guests the opportunity to mix traditional and contemporary through their ever-classic chapel with the more modern open-air patio. The dreamy aura will leave your guests feeling like they just stepped out of a charming storybook wedding.

On top of its delightful feel, the practicality of The Windsor is what makes it a worthwhile wedding spot. The location is wildly easy to access for the prospective guests to join the party. The accessibility is accompanied by ample parking to accommodate up to 300 of the newlywed’s closest family and friends for their special day. The Windsor at Hebron Park makes for a unique setting for a Dallas wedding and is sure to captivate the happy couple and their guests. 

Howell And Dragon

Weddings can get pricey, every little detail can add up quickly, and the last thing an engaged couple wants is to sacrifice their venue to afford the smaller things; this conundrum is where Howell and Dragon can be the ideal pick. With modest pricing, this Dallas hotspot stands out amongst other wedding location competitors because of its industrial romantic feel while still keeping with economical standards. This spot is flexible dependent on the couple using it, as it is customizable to honor the unique style and desired tone for their overall wedding experience.

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The base of the venue is marked with rich wood tones and a classic white brick ballroom: two staple pieces that provide a blank canvas for any creative intentions the couple has in mind. The location also features chic furniture and decor and ideal accent lighting that is sure to showcase well in-person and in memorable photos. The festive environment allows for endless opportunity dependent on those who choose to spend their special day here. Guaranteed fair pricing with a marvelous setting are two winning factors that makes Howell and Dragon a fantastic choice for your wedding venue in Dallas

Big things are known to happen in Dallas, meaning that the search for a location special enough to host your big day will prove to be tedious. The opportunity to say yes to a spot that meets everything and more on your personal agenda is completely within reach. These 4 venues are certified memory makers and are sure to make all your dreams come true on your wedding day.