Although most adults probably do have a car and drive, many do not. Such people use the public transportation system and walk a lot. They do so either out of pure choice, disability, or the lack of funds for a car. Walking around town doesn’t seem like the most complex thing, right? However, there are a few things that you need to be aware of—especially if you consider that back in 2017, pedestrian deaths increased by 11 percent in just that year. Here is what you need to know.

Use Pedestrian-Friendly Paths

As a pedestrian, you should know that staying out of the road is very important. Don’t be in the way of cars. Take full advantage of the city-provided sidewalks that may be available to you. Don’t jaywalk, especially when it comes to busy streets. Instead, use walkways and overpasses whenever possible and always make sure that you the signal indicates that you can walk when crossing the road. Even if there aren’t many cars around, it is very important that you stay in the habit of doing that.

Avoid Digital Distractions

As a society that has fully delved into trends of modern technology, we love our phones! You’ve heard about those who text and drive, right? That’s illegal in most states and can be quite hazardous. However, it’s the same for walking and texting. By not being fully aware of your surroundings, you could possibly end up in trouble. You might accidentally walk into the road and in front of a car. You may not notice a car coming your way that is running a red light while you’re walking and texting in a designated walkway. You could also be vulnerable to other pedestrians around you. If you’re not paying attention to who is around you because you’re too distracted to do so, someone could easily pick pocket you or harm you (something to be aware of if you’re in a big city or in a sketchy part of town).

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Use a Modest Bag

If you’re someone who needs to bring things such as documents, laptop, and other valuable items, make sure to bring them using a modest bag. This means that you should avoid designer bags or storage containers that attract the eyes of potential crooks on your way to work. A simple, secure tote with no fancy design is less likely to be snatched than a branded bag embellished with rhinestones. Safety over fashion is key. If you’re not carrying valuable items, you may even want to consider getting a clear bag that can be seen through. Many travelers do this when in foreign countries so that thieves can easily tell that they have nothing on them that is worth stealing.

Always Read the Signs

Some roads may be deemed unpassable due to construction, or unsafe due to location. Make sure to check signs such as “Accident prone area” and proceed with caution. Do not attempt to pass over roads where there’s a high volume of fast traffic or where there’s no proper lighting for a driver to see you cross.

All it takes is a little more alertness and conscientiousness to avoid road accidents. If you do end up in such an incident, however, don’t hesitate to seek legal services that cater to those involved in pedestrian accidents.