The Premier League has become hugely popular all around the world and you will find fans of many different teams in different countries. Without question, one of the most popular football clubs in the entire world is Liverpool. You will find Liverpool fans of all ages in countries all around the world and their popularity can be attributed to a few different factors.

The History

First, you have the history and this is why there are so many Liverpool fans in the UK. Founded in 1892, Liverpool has had periods of complete domination in football and had many iconic players and managers during these periods. A few of the most notable names include:

  • Steven Gerrard
  • Kenny Dalglish
  • Ian Rush
  • John Barnes
  • Alan Hansen
  • Ian Callaghan
  • Steve Heighway
  • Michael Owen
  • Robbie Fowler
  • Jamie Carragher


Another reason why Liverpool are so popular is the fans themselves. Liverpool is known to have passionate fans and it is common to see Mohammed Salah shirts all over the world as well as other popular players. This visibility helps the fanbase to grow, especially when there are many notable celebrity Liverpool fans like LeBron James, Dr. Dre, Daniel Craig, Samuel L. Jackson and Liam Neeson. Additionally, having a team consisting of many international superstars like Salah and Van Dijk helps to attract fans from their respective countries.


Liverpool has the most trophies in English football at a staggering 88, including 19 league titles. Manchester United are hot on their heels with 67, so it is easy to see why these two teams are so popular domestically and overseas. Liverpool have also won a litter of trophies in recent years while playing exciting football, which is a big reason why many new fans turn to the Reds. A few of their most notable achievements in recent times include the 2019/2020 league title, the 2020/2021 FA Cup and League Cup and the 2018/2019 Champions League.


Liverpool’s iconic stadium is another reason why they are so popular. The atmosphere at Anfield is world-famous in football and many players say that it is the most intimidating stadium to play in. For a club of Liverpool’s stature, Anfield is relatively small with a capacity of 53,394 (making the the 7th largest football stadium in England), but this helps to contribute to the atmosphere. Additionally, Anfield has been their stadium since their formation, so it is an important historic landmark and place of pride in Liverpool.

A Popular Football Club

You will find diehard Liverpool fans all around the world and the above are the main reasons why they are so popular. In addition to being a historic and highly successful club throughout history, Liverpool have also enjoyed immense success and played some of the most attractive football in Europe in recent times seeing them bring in swathes of new fans from all around the world.