The coronavirus got you taking a new look at the way you are living? Maybe you just recently had a health scare? Perhaps, you are tired of your guy hanging over your belt line. Whatever the situation is, there is no denying that one of the hardest things about being healthy is eating right. Forcing yourself to work out is probably the hardest, but eating right isn’t far behind at a close second. And, a lot of this has to do with the fact that healthy food is somewhat of an acquired. At least that’s what most people think. You’ll see that this is actually not the case at all after checking out these dishes.

Stuffed Poblano Peppers

If you’re a regular at the local Mexican establishment, you already know that poblano peppers aren’t the most health-conscious option. Well, this is because of what they are stuffed with, hence the name. When ordering these peppers in a restaurant, they are not only most likely fried, but they are probably stuffed with ingredients that won’t do your waistline any favors. To top it all off, they are usually topped with some kind of delectable cheese that you’ll wear around for two to three days.

Choose the right ingredients and you can still have an authentic tasting Mexican dish that you don’t have to be ashamed of consuming. High-protein, extra-lean ground beef, veggies, and onions are usually your best option. The pepper themselves are high in vitamins A and C, as well as insoluble fibers. Combine this with their antioxidants properties and you’ll be boosting your immune system while establishing a pain management network.

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Jalapeno Popper Chicken

It is no secret that grilled chicken is one of the healthiest things on the menu these days. The only problem is that once you’ve had it, you’ve had it. It is very easy to grow tired of the same old taste. That’s why it’s time to spice it up a bit with some more healthy goodness. This dish delivers tons of flavors without all the complicated cutting and stuffing. Just a few little slits and filling those with cheese and peppers, and you’ll have a quick no mess, no fuss meal. That’s right, cheese!

You can actually use certain types of cheese. Many people also like to cook dishes like this in instant fryers, but you have to remember that each unique device offers its own advantages and disadvantages. If you ever find yourself wondering is instant pot better than air fryer, you can check out the following debate.

Chili Mac And Cheese

That’s right, you did read the name right. Not all mac and cheeses have to be loaded with fattening and belt-loosening ingredients. And, who says that it has to be served as a side dish? The trick here is to defy the odds, take things to a new level. And, that’s exactly what you’ll do with this dish. This is more of like a casserole dish made on a stovetop and it’s stuffed with two of the most amazing comfort foods that you don’t have to feel bad about eating when done. It makes a huge batch as well, so be prepared to have plenty of leftovers. Just be sure to hide them or do a good job of limiting yourself because you’ll certainly want to be coming back for extras. Be careful about overdoing it!

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