Every dog owner knows that a dog is not just a pet. The dog is a family member and their health is of the utmost importance. That means that dog owners need to constantly be aware of their dog’s health needs.

Having a loved family member become ill is devastating for everybody in the household. When dealing with the health of an animal, it’s difficult to know exactly what the problem is because of its inability to communicate. When it comes to animal health, prevention is key. So there are things that every dog owner should keep in mind to keep their dog healthy and to keep an eye out for any warning signs that may mean trouble. 

Develop Healthy Habits

As mentioned previously, prevention is key. And this means creating lots of healthy habits that are going to keep your dog happy and healthy. Dogs don’t enjoy the lengthy lifespans that humans do but they’re no less important to us. That means we need to make the most of our time with them and we should do our best to extend the time that they have. 

A dog’s health is relatively simple to maintain given that they don’t have any congenital diseases and have received all of their vaccinations. Dogs are a robust animal that requires little to be happy and healthy.

The main issue with domesticated dogs is weight and exercise. Because they are scavengers, dogs can enjoy a wide variety of foods without having major health issues. For example, they can consume large quantities of cholesterol as they do not conserve it as well as humans. This doesn’t mean that they should drink bacon grease for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it just means that they are more robust than people in some ways. 

However, just like modern man, dogs are prone to overeating and excessive weight gain. This is frequently combined with laziness and lethargy. Though this alone doesn’t often indicate a problem, it’s merely The habit that will most frequently contribute to a health issue.

So the most important thing for your dog’s health is to get plenty of exercise every single day. This exercise needs to come in varied formats notwithstanding walking and playing fetch. It’s also a good idea to give your dog plenty of social playtimes at a dog park or with the neighbor’s pets. Dogs can also go for a run while their owner rides the bike. Many dogs enjoy a good swim. So try to go outside with your dog and get them plenty of exercise every day. It’s not only good for them, but it’s also good for you as well.

Watch For Signs

Depending on the condition there are many different signs that dog owners should be aware of if they want to have early detection of any problems that the dog might be experiencing. 

While dogs are often lazy, extreme lethargy is one major sign to watch out for. If your dog seems very lethargic and is not interested in its favorite foods or activities, it’s time to go to the vet.  

Dogs are known to relieve themselves and break wind frequently, often to the dismay of their owners. However, extreme flatulence in dogs is not normal. Excessive and malodorous flatulence can be a sign of some digestive issues. If you have a feeling that your dogs producing an excess amount of particularly foul-smelling gas, you might want to get them checked out.

You may notice other obvious signs such as limping or walking with a gait. Of course, this usually indicates a physical problem. Some dogs are genetically prone to have some major pain and structural issues. These often come in the form of hip dysplasia. 

Learn About Their Psychological Health

Dogs are psychologically robust animals as well as physically. However, they have psychological needs like everybody else. Even more so than most other animals. Dogs are social creatures and one of the things they crave more than anything else is social interaction.

Plenty of positive social interaction is likely to clear up many of your dog’s problems. This can include both playtimes with other dogs or with people. Dogs are stressed out easily if not properly disciplined. Yelling and screaming are likely to damage your dog’s health. 

Dogs are prone to several psychological disorders. They can become overly aggressive, this occurs frequently when the dog feels insecure. Dogs can experience extremely high levels of anxiety and nervousness. Finally, dogs are often chronically fearful of people if they’ve had an abusive owner previously. Understanding and properly treating a dog’s psychological condition will greatly improve its quality of life and probably its duration as well.

Dogs are complex creatures just like human beings. However, they are a bit easier to take care of. All your dog needs, assuming it’s generally healthy, is plenty of exercise, social interaction, and a relaxed atmosphere where it can feel secure and safe. If you’re able to provide all of these things and be a good master, your dog will likely enjoy a long and pleasant life.