Day 5

Clean Up Your Social Profiles

It's time to match your social profiles with your newly established Brand Story. In today's lesson you are going to add your elevator pitch to your bios and make sure your photos and videos reflect your personal brand, as well as, speak to your expertise.

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Clean Up Your Social Profiles

To clean up your social profiles to align with your personal brand, start by deleting any old or irrelevant posts. You can also take time to review and update your profile information to ensure it reflects the right message. 

Be sure to use a professional headshot in your profile picture, and consider what kind of content you want to share to best represent your brand. 

Think about how the images, words, and links you share give a full description of who you are, including the use of your target keyword list, and how it relates to your personal brand.

Lastly, consider using privacy settings to protect your personal information, or create a new profile to specifically target your brand expertise. 


1. Delete any old or irrelevant posts. 

2. Add your elevator pitch to your bio, or update it to reflect your target keyword.

3. Curate or create content that reflects your expertise.

Keep in Mind

Things to consider when cleaning up your social profiles:

  • Should I start a new account vs using a personal one?
  • Do my images and videos currently speak to my expertise?
  • Does my bio reflect my personal brand?