Simple Ways To Reduce Your Holiday Stress

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Winter can be hard enough with the bite of the cold, but add the holiday stress (and the unrelenting pressure to settle down with someone) and an audible moan of annoyance can probably be heard from many of us. Other than these annoyances, winter really is a beautiful season–it’s just difficult for many of us to acclimate.

Instead of completely dreading the below freezing temperatures to come, make it a point to remember all of the things you enjoy about the winter season, avoid holiday stress and societal pressures , and instead skip to being practical and positive during the winter months.

Crave Your Own Company

Ever wonder why as soon as the cold weather hits people start coupling up? There is actually science behind it all. Your hypothalamus, the region of our brains which controls the release of sex hormones, is sensitive to light and circadian rhythms. When daylight decreases, testosterone increases, and testosterone is associated with your libido. It’s science, so don’t fall to the pressure of coupling up, or any feelings of inadequacy, if you don’t find yourself with a partner this season.

Generally during the winter months people stay in more. There are less obligations to go out and be social, which means more time for the things you have been putting off. Try hot yoga. It is a wonderful reprieve from the cold and believe it or not, an insane workout. Not to mention exercise is a great natural remedy for any winter blues because it is another way to naturally release those “happy hormones” mentioned above.

Finally, have that bath and glass of wine you have not made time for. Hey a glass of wine a day is said to reduce your risk of heart disease right? Can’t go wrong there. Read that book that you have been meaning to all summer, but never got to. Start that home improvement or craft project you’ve wanted to try. Cook a hearty meal just for you–and ladies, what could be better than not having to buy a razor or shave all winter?? In all seriousness though, the winter season is the perfect time to take back time for yourself. Self-love is something many of us often forget about when combatting holiday stress.

Holiday Stress- Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.

The holidays can be extremely stressful. There are multiple houses that have to be visited or someone will get their feelings hurt, and there are so many children to account and potentially buy gifts for! Contributing to dinner and navigating conversation between certain relatives can be tricky as well. It’s stressful! The desire to please everyone because of the holidays is an issue. We want to make the ones we care about happy, and then there is the added strain on the wallet.

Let it go.

There comes a time when you have to say – enough. Your sanity is more important than making it to three houses in one day and barely being able to afford groceries so that you can buy every man woman and child in the family something they would maybe use once. The holidays are about actually being able to spend time with the ones you love, not the accumulation of more things.

The holidays shouldn’t be something we dread but something we look forward to. We are all so busy throughout the year, getting everyone in one house for hugs, good food and great conversation is all most of us really need after a busy year.

Became a much happier person during the winter months. Once you realized that you have the power to find joy in the holidays again the cold weather will be easy to bear. Happiness is being warm in the winter, physically, mentally, emotionally. Layer up, have fun with the beauty in the colors that fall brings, the snow angels and spirit that winter brings and find joy where you had not noticed there could be before.

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Written by Rose Rennar

Rose has worked for local media outlets in a wide range of areas, from sustainability and health and wellness to beauty and motherhood in both online and in print media. When she isn’t busy traveling, freelancing, writing or editing you can find her in her garden, being a goof with her many pets and family or at a desk somewhere toiling away at her own fiction writing. You can follow her recent adventures as well as updates on new articles on her Twitter.

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