Jordan Klassen’s Latest Album ‘Curses’ Reveals a New Side

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Jordan Klassen is a decorated Canadian songwriter (in his own right) who has spent more than a decade quietly crafting music deemed ‘unsentimentally sincere’ and ‘whimsically hopeful’. Based in Vancouver, he is known throughout the world with most of his listeners based in Amsterdam, according to Spotify. His latest album, Curses, is a fresh take on his usual folk style.

MiLLENNiAL caught up with Jordan to learn about his journey.

Describe your musical style.

I think I’ve always been drawn to imagination. My music is folk that draws heavily on classical, new age, pop and ethereal elements. I’ve been told that it sounds like whimsy.

When did you get into music?

Being from a creative family, I can’t remember any time in my life that I didn’t think that I wanted to make things as my job. As a teenager my medium became music – mostly because I found it easier to learn the guitar playing songs that I wrote myself. From there I played in bands and just fell in love with composition. About 5 years ago I quit my job and started writing, producing and performing full time.

Where does your name come from?

I think I might be named after a 1980s soap opera character. The story is still unclear. 

Who does your music typically attract and what is your hope for expanding your audience?

People from most demographics who appreciate quiet times and a bit of contemplative joy now and then. Those folks come in all shapes and sizes, I think. I don’t have a solid strategy for audience expansion. I used to let that stuff fill me with a lot of anxiety. I’ve resolved to just do the basics well – tour, write and trust my management team.

What are your goals for 2017?

Right now it’s to organize a live set for ‘Curses’ that I’m proud of and spend some time touring. I’m also writing for my next full-length album and that’s been taking a lot of my time.

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Written by Millennial Staff

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