Vacations are great, but staying fit during the downtown is a tall order. You go to a beautiful destination and earn yourself a nice tan, you let your worries melt away, you make memories to last you a lifetime, and then you come back. Five pounds heavier.

That’s probably one thing none of us are too happy about when it comes to vacations. Regardless of where we go to relax, we tend to adopt a similar mindset that tells us that, hey, we’re on vacation and that means there are no rules! We’ll eat whatever we want, sleep in until noon, and spend most of the time lying around.

Of course, there are benefits to lazing around a little and truly disconnecting from our stressful obligations, but it’s not all that healthy to spend a whole vacation eating junk food and sitting on our bums. Fortunately, staying fit on your vacation doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice enjoyment for a toned, slim body. Here’s how you can exercise on your trip without ever feeling burdened.

Swimming and beach volleyball

If you’re going to spend time at the beach, then why not use this opportunity to go for a swim occasionally? Swimming is one of the best types of workouts because it engages every single muscle in your body and can quickly give you a nice, lean look.

If you don’t feel like swimming, then why not volleyball? Gather a team of friends and start a match, or even better, use this opportunity to meet some new people and socialize a little bit.

Simple no-equipment workout

You absolutely don’t have to go to the gym to get a good workout. Good no equipment home workouts can be done in your hotel room, on the beach, in the woods, or practically anywhere that you can find a little space. There’s no need to lug a weights, rollers, exercise bands, or anything else. If you’re more comfortable, you can roll up a slim exercise mat to make things easier, but anything else will take up too much space in your luggage.

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The best time to do your workout is usually in the morning before you head out, because you’ll have more energy and fewer excuses not to get it done. Evening workouts are also totally viable, if you’re simply not the morning type or wish to sleep in.

Long walks and hiking

If you’re not going to be spending much time at any beaches, don’t worry – taking long walks to explore your destination is one of the most fun things you can do. It’s really the best way to get to know a place because it turns the whole vacation into an adventure while staying fit. Walking through the city streets, markets, or even following a trail through the woods will give you the opportunity to run into secret corners and truly get to know the place you’re visiting.

Vacation transformation

Another thing that can help you stay active on your vacation is to set up a clear goal for yourself. What if you used this trip to get into shape and then came back home looking strong, toned, and stunning?

If you stop seeing staying fit as some sort of a chore that prevents you from having fun and start seeing them as your pathway to a healthy, attractive body, you’ll have a much better chance of staying active.

Endless hydration

Drinking water is particularly important on vacations because we tend to overindulge in sugary drinks and junk food, and if we’re on a beach, we spend most of our time in the scorching sun. If you add workouts to the mix, then it’s likely you’re simply not hydrating your body as much as you should.

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Drinking water regularly can also help you stay active for a longer time and make it easier to push through more difficult exercises.

Junk food rule

Don’t eat junk food more than once a day. You’re on vacation, and you should absolutely allow yourself some indulgence, and as long as you’re not eating junk food for every meal, you should be fine. We do recommend to keep most of your meals healthy, however. Good nutrition will help you get the most of your workouts, while junk food can make you feel sleepy, sluggish, and way too lazy to commit to any kind of physical activity.

Vacation time can mean transformation time for you and your body! If you commit to staying fit you will come back from your trip feeling and looking great.