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Regardless of the drop in the value of Bitcoin and most of the other cryptocurrencies, they are still a popular way of starting to trade. More people are realizing the benefits of a universal currency where there are no banks or other third parties involved, and no one making huge profits from charges for each transaction. At the moment, cryptocurrencies are valued in ordinary currencies such as the pound or dollar, but will there ever come a time when the pound is valued in a cryptocurrency? This might be a long way off, but it is not impossible and actually makes sense. Then, instead of different currencies having different values against each other, they would all be compared to one global currency, which would be much easier to follow.

Millennial Entrepreneurs and Blockchain

Some people are of the opinion that the technology Bitcoin brought with it, the blockchain, is more important than the cryptocurrencies as, without it, they would be almost the same as other currencies. Millennials seem to have realised this sooner than anyone else and have taken advantage by using Bitcoin and altcoin exchanges as a means to their first step in investing.

This is helped because they can start by investing quite a small amount, which gives them the chance to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without risking much money. Of the new investors getting into the market, it is said that the Millennials have generally been the most successful.

As they tend to understand technology better than most, they have taken to blockchain as well. It is now being used in many industries other than the financial world, and that is certainly not caused by the older generations. The blockchain is said to be the greatest invention since the internet, and it makes sense that so many areas such as law, education, and medicine are all realising its potential.

Getting Help From Experts

Some people just love the ups and downs of buying and selling cryptocurrencies and will always do it themselves. They like the judgements to be their own and hope that as time goes on they will learn more and become an expert themselves.

For others, perhaps the ones that are starting their cryptocurrency experience with a larger sum, they will seek expert help in the hope they will make money from the start. Of course, even the experts cannot guarantee that will be the case, but some people trust the professionals more than they do themselves.

The Success Of Cryptocurrencies

For cryptocurrencies to stay, they need to remain popular with the public, and trading in them needs to continue. Without this, their value will drop and no one will want to buy them. This is exactly what has happened to many of the 2000 plus cryptocurrencies that have appeared in the last few years. Although there are more successful ones for Millennials to choose from, that situation could easily change. For the time being, they are a great starting point for Millennials to start their investing career

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Written by Trueman

Trueman is a fin-tech and culture writer for Millennial Magazine. As host of The TrueMan Show, he covers all things related to stocks, tech and culture. He's a market analyst by day and a talent scout by night, combing the Internet for noteworthy startups, influencers and culture warriors.

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