Unashamedly Pursue Your Quirky Passion, Hobby or Career Right Now

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You have been judged for your unique habits, hobbies and career goals since you can remember. Being passionate about something has often come at a price to you; not fitting in and feeling isolated from other people in your life has been the norm for so long. Instead of allowing this to happen in the future, it’s time to make a much needed change to your perception of yourself. Whether you’re intrigued by the future of work or enticed by anime, you can’t allow your quirky obsessions to get in the way of your happiness. When other people don’t understand why you enjoy doing a certain activity, attending conventions or applying for jobs that are way beyond their depth of knowledge, you need to learn to stand tall. Here are a few ways in which you can unashamedly pursue your quirky passion, hobby or career right now!

Know and Accept Yourself

When you are able to pursue your own passions without caring what other people think, you will feel totally empowered. Take a leaf out of Ryan Kopf’s book and pursue a whole host of meaningful, unique and distinctive hobbies and career goals. He hosts anime conventions that are unique and popular amongst certain groups of people. These conventions allow people to reconnect with friends and build meaningful relationships through their shared passions. Although many people might laugh or turn their noses up at attending such an event, it is incredible how many people have benefitted from these events; they can truly embrace themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin. If you steer clear from the things that make you happy, you will be holding back from very important things in your life. Be unapologetic about the things you love and others will soon learn to accept them.

Find Other People Who Support You 

You know better than anyone what it’s like to feel lonely and isolated because of your unique habits and hobbies. All you need to do is find people who share the same passions as you, so that you can relate to them on a different level. Your family and friends may turn their noses up at your preferences because they are a little bit different, but that shouldn’t stop you from engaging in them. As soon as you have found a circle of supportive people, you will feel so much more comfortable when it comes to unashamedly pursuing your unconventional passion. 

Don’t Let Haters Get in the Way

When other people knock you down, you need to learn to brush them off and lift your head up high. You are no longer in high school and a victim to relentless bullies; you are a grown adult who can fight their own battles. When other people are close minded and hateful, you shouldn’t take their opinion into consideration. You are much better off without these types of haters in your life, so don’t put up with it any longer. It can be difficult if some of your closest friends are giving you grief, but they need to realize you need their support. All in all, you need to surround yourself with people who truly care about you, rather than those who are bringing you down.

Make Time for Your Hobbies

Whether your hobbies earn you extra money on the side, or they are simply a recreational activity that allows you to relax, you need to make time for the things that make you happy. You shouldn’t feel pressurized to push your quirky passions to the side for the sake of other people. Learn to prioritize your hobbies and make time for the things you love. If other people are holding you back from enjoying your personal hobbies, then you need to let them know that you aren’t okay with it. Stick to your guns and be yourself no matter what.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

As difficult as it may be, you might want to step out of your comfort zone from time to time and experience new hobbies. If you expect other people to be understanding about your quirky passions, then why not give them the same chance? As soon as you come to terms with the way other people think, you might be a lot more empathetic. After all, if other people around you are trying to pursue a hobby that is out of the ordinary, you should try to understand them too. Once you have been around a new experience, you will have a good leg to stand on when it comes to introducing other people to your fun and unique hobbies and passions. 

Use the Internet to Your Advantage

When you have a quirky or unique passion, you can use the internet to learn so much more about it. The wonderful thing about the internet is that you can find likeminded people at the click of a button. You can speak to people on forums, join Facebook groups and interact on blogs. When you feel as though you are the only person with a specific interest, you can consult the internet and be pleasantly surprised by the number of people who are in the same boat as you. Even if your friends don’t understand your hobbies, there will always be virtual people who understand your passions. 

Don’t Give Up

Even when you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle, you will come out successful in the end if you remain persistent. Whether people are turning their noses up at your hobbies or they don’t accept you for who you are, you cannot give up on what you believe in. Sometimes it is better to ignore the naysayers and stick with the people who are really supportive of you. There is no point going through life treading on egg shells and feeling embarrassed about being yourself. Embrace your own unique qualities and other people will soon find them endearing and appealing too.

You might have felt this way since you were at school, when the other kids used to pick on you. Unfortunately adult life isn’t any easier; people can be even more judgmental, especially when they don’t have an open mind. You need to learn to stand up for your own passions and be unapologetic about your preferences and hobbies. Sticking to your guns might sound a lot easier than it is, but you will get there in the end. As soon as you start to feel comfortable in your own skin, you will be surprised at how far it takes you. When other people mock you or try to put you down, you can stand tall and be proud of everything you have accomplished. Remember that negativity often stems from other people’s insecurities, so it is no reflection on you as a person. If you can be brave and stand up for what you believe in, you will be a happy and self-assured person that can never be swayed!

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Written by Britt Hysen

Britt Hysen is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of MiLLENNiAL. In response to the branded ad campaigns absorbed by the media platform, Britt launched Kreativ Ctrl, a full-service marketing agency specializing in experiential programming and strategic partnerships.

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