Every generation has its own impact on the wider culture of society. If you’re a millennial, you’re not short of examples. Technology has played a huge role in the way we relax. Nowadays, entertainment is right at our fingertips; quite literally. With the advent of smartphones into normal everyday life, we can watch movies and videos anywhere in the world.

On top of this, anyone can be a content creator. All you have to do is record what’s going on in your life and you’re almost guaranteed viewers. There are billions of videos online and that’s just the start of it. New ways to spend our spare time have rapidly developed over recent years. Everything from clothing, gadgets, home decor and music has changed. But how does this mean, we relax in newer ways?

No more cinema?

Once upon a time, most families yearned to go to the cinema. It was somewhat of an occasion. We bought food like popcorn and tacos, and a big cup of soda to go with it. We found our row and seats and sat down to enjoy the movie. This has come to the point of ‘old news’ because movies are being released on streaming services the same day as the theater releases. Millennials are incredibly busy. They work long hours and call many major cities in their homes. They don’t want to wait in line to watch a movie, sit in a chair that’s not their own and be surrounded by noisy people chewing and talking.

Now you can watch movies in the comfort of your own home and experience the films they love more personally. They can also immediately go online and write a review, use hashtags to communicate with fellow fans on social media and even film their view on the characters, plot, and dialogue for online video sharing platforms like YouTube. 

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Not much has changed

For a long time throughout history, the younger generation has always pushed the boundaries. You’d see things at parties you wouldn’t out in public. There would be plenty of underage drinking but all kinds of other substance use as well. That might be experienced in some places, but the sting in the tail has gone out. Now it’s perfectly within the law to enjoy the green herb. In fact, you can buy certain strands online like the purple death strain. It has a THC level of 16.25-21% and a CBD level of 0.02-0.63. It’s a highly ranked strain in the world of those who like to smoke the green herb. In this sense, nothing much has changed for millennials, except now it’s completely legal in some countries and states.

Cinema might never really die out, but the journey of its cultural irrelevance has begun. With superb OLED displays, watching movies at home is something that will only get more popular. Using different strands of the famous green herb to relax and cool down at parties, is now without threat from the law. You can enjoy relaxing and trying out new strands as more products will be developed to service this desire.