We all love luxurious things, especially if they happen to be in our homes. Getting a luxurious bathroom requires investing in better stones, tiles, fixtures, and other accessories. All these shouldn’t cost a fortune if you can find them in the right place. You can get your dream bathroom in many ways, some simple while others complicated, requiring a professional designer. This article will discuss some of the simple ways that won’t affect your budget much. Here is what you can do.

Use large format tiles

Other than going for the smaller tiles which make your bathroom feel squeezed, you can opt for the larger format tiles. Out-of-the-box larger tiles measure two by nine inches or four by eight inches, ideal for luxurious bathrooms. According to designers at Park Street Bathrooms, these tiles will make your bathroom stand out from the rest and makes your bathroom appear more spacious and expensive. Ensure they are of the same color to avoid spoiling the interior image.

Grout Color

Some colors define class, while others imply simplicity. To make your bathroom appear expensive, you have to go with the right color that improves its aesthetic. Grout color is the best when used for luxurious bathrooms. This idea means you can get tiles and ceramic fixtures of this color to create a luxurious feel for your bathroom. According to Villeroy & Boch Bathrooms experts, most bathroom fixtures come in grout color, which you can invest in. These include furniture, toilets, tubs, bidets, shower trays, mirrors, and much more. You can also order your customized color that matches your home theme to create a unique look.

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Adding Tile Rug

Besides having a bare floor, you can include a tile rug to improve the look and feel when one steps into your bathroom. You can splurge your floor by getting an eye-catching, quality Tile rug that’s a few square feet. You can also include some large-format field tiles around the rug and the walls to compliment the tile rug. Ensure the tile rug and tiles surrounding it are of the best material that doesn’t fade or stained with excessive water use.

Check on Knobs and Pulls

The knobs and pulls are the most used parts in any bathroom. If your budget allows, you can get customized vanity knobs and pulls to complement the bathroom’s doors and fixtures. You can check on some pretty hardware that comes with executive designs and colors that don’t fade quickly. Such can be got from specialty or vintage stores, or you can purchase them online while buying other fixtures.

Consider the Best Fittings

It would help avoid the standard materials and color for pipes and other fixtures and use the best materials to make your bathroom appear expensive. When good on a budget, you can consider getting bronze, nickel, and brass for the fittings and pipes. Besides making your bathroom look fantastic, these fittings are easy to clean, maintain, and look appealing in places fitted.

Other than including the best furniture, ceramics, and fittings, it would be best if you don’t forget the essentials. Get the best towels, soap holders, lotions, and much more. Ensure their composition doesn’t damage your fittings. Besides having plastics, you can introduce glass holders and bottles that improve the look of your bathroom.

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