When planning a corporate event, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is who to hire for entertainment. With so many different agencies out there, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your event. Here are some tips on how to choose the right entertainment agency for your corporate event.

Ask for References and Experience

Your entertainment agency’s most recent clients would most likely be the events they enjoyed working on most, so these are the people you should ask to reference them. If your potential agency won’t give you any contact details, look elsewhere. So, when choosing an events entertainment company, make sure to ask for references, or better yet, ask to speak with some of the company’s previous clients. If they’ve been in business for years, they must know what they’re doing!

Not necessarily – it doesn’t matter how long your prospective entertainment agency has been around if their expertise is in something that isn’t right for you. Inquire about their experience in terms of events and functions similar to yours, including scale and budget. They should be able to provide examples of successful shows, thus giving you an idea about their capabilities in orchestrating an event just like yours.

Find Out What Services They Offer

If your potential agency specializes only in live music or live band hire, maybe this wouldn’t be the best choice for you. If they handle other kinds of entertainment services such as staging, lighting, and sound production, make them your first choice. If they can offer a complete solution as a production company to service your event needs instead of only one aspect like live music or many different kinds of acts at once, it will save you time and money!

Have a Questionnaire Ready

Be sure to have a list of questions ready before calling on your prospective entertainment agencies. You should ask about their experience in providing this type of service, their involvement if problems occur during your event, what packages are available for your function, and what kind of setup is required for each performance/s. There are so many different types of events out there – from weddings to award ceremonies – and each one needs a different entertainment approach.

It’s important to find an agency that will fit your event, not the other way around. You should also ask about any costs involved and payment terms before hiring your prospective agency. Don’t hesitate to negotiate – you can always come to a compromise if the price is too high for you! A good events company will be willing to work with you instead of against you, so make sure they are flexible in their offerings.

Compare Different Agencies

You must compare different agencies before making your decision. At the very least, you should compare agencies who specialize in your type of function – whether it be catering, bars and bartenders, event entertainment, or venue hire. When choosing between two or more events companies, consider their previous client’s testimonials.

You can easily determine if everyone had a positive experience with the company by reading over what they have to say about them online. While you must compare different agencies when choosing corporate event entertainment, don’t forget to keep an open mind! If the first few agencies you contact are too expensive or don’t seem like they’re right for your event, chances are there’s more than one agency out there that will be perfect for you and flexible on price.

Stay Within The Budget

Don’t forget to stay within your budget! Even though you may wish to spend more, don’t. If you can’t afford an agency’s fee or services, look elsewhere. An events company that is flexible and willing to work with you is much more likely than one that doesn’t want to budge on price. A good way to keep your event entertainment cost under control is by hiring a DJ instead of a live band or orchestra for example – this will save you money and still give your guests the same kind of atmosphere as any other performance would provide.

Choosing the right entertainment agency for your corporate event is not always easy – but it’s certainly worth it! Be sure to ask about their experience, what services they offer, and what kind of response they get from clients. Ask them if they offer discounts or “packages” and keep your budget in mind while doing so. It’s also important to ask about payment terms before you hire them – sometimes agencies require full payment upfront instead of milestones throughout the process, which can become a hassle on your end.