Ensuring great customer service when delivering to customers is key. From communicating updates to answering any issues, being contactable is something that customers rate highly. Last mile logistics tend to be complex and can cost more for your company. However, that doesn’t always need to be the case.

What is the last mile?

Last mile refers to the short geographical delivery of either media and communication services or physical products to customers wherever they may be living. This term originated in the telecommunication industry but has now diversified to apply to multiple industries.

Getting the last mile logistics right helps to connect the consumer to the brand. If consumers have a positive experience with a brand and their delivery, they are more likely to become repeat customers.

Challenges and Solutions

Although this is the shortest part of the process, the costs associated with last mile delivery can be expensive. Implementing new infrastructure to keep up with demand is something your business may need to consider, and whilst this will have a costly initial outlay, you will be able to offer more services such as same-day delivery without worrying that you will be unable to fulfill it.

One of the challenges that can occur towards the end of a delivery transaction is a lack of visibility. Being able to track an order can help customers estimate when their parcel will be arriving, or when their new service will be up and running. By being able to see where in the system their parcel is, customers will feel more trusting towards your business, and it will help create a favorable mindset surrounding your company. You could consider fitting your delivery vans with GPS tracking as this is a lesser expense but will yield results with last mile logistics.

Being able to optimize your delivery routes will be a huge benefit to your deliveries, as it will ensure that your drivers are being as efficient as possible. By being able to operate at maximum efficiency, you are creating higher customer satisfaction as well as improving delivery times. Proper route planning will avoid your trucks from all being in the same neighborhood and working in the same area.  Investing in some route planning software is the best way to do this. Whilst this is an upfront cost, it will save you time and effort trying to optimize these routes manually and free up you or your staff’s time for other operational tasks.

Improve Last mile Logistics

According to research by Salesforce, 89% of customers surveyed stated that they are more likely to make repeat purchases from a business that gives a positive customer service experience and this includes all aspects of a delivery.

By ensuring that customers feel you are being transparent about the progress of their order, you are helping to keep a favorable mindset surrounding the company. By being able to track a parcel or by receiving their order quickly with last mile logistics, customers are more likely to become repeat buyers and therefore will keep bringing profit into your company.