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Millennial provides relevant, in-content links to help improve your page ranking and search results. Choose from a link insert or post placement to fit your exact SEO need.

High Domain Authority

Google Search prioritizes websites with high DA ratings.

If you're looking to improve your search engine ranking and visibility, then receiving a backlink from Millennial is a great way to do it.  Having a DA59 rating means that the link juice passing onto your site will be strong, helping to improve both your search results and page ranking.

4,000+ Posts Collection

Discover the perfect article for your niche in our vast library.

With so many topics to explore, pairing articles with backlink opportunities in your niche is easier than ever. Millennial publishes informative, well-researched articles that offer plenty of locations to place anchor text with value-added, quality hyperlinks in the body.

New Interface Design

Our sleek, omni-media design is a big hit with brands!

Millennial's new design is a modern interpretation of the digital magazine layout with full page featured images, and an uncomplicated layout. We strive to provide the best possible experience for everyone – from our readers to our partners - and our most recent changes are part of that commitment.

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Sponsored Inserts

  • Standard LINK 
    Anchor text placed into any lifestyle, business, hospitality, real estate, legal or finance article; choose an existing keyword or add original text
  • Premium LINK 
    Anchor text placed into any cannabis, crypto, forex, gaming, or adult entertainment article; choose an existing keyword or add original text
  • Standard POST 
    An original post within our editorial guidelines that fits one of our lifestyle or business categories; includes (2) do follow links
    An original post within our editorial guidelines that fits one of our premium categories; includes (2) do follow links

NOTE: Any link that is added to an archived post or included in a sponsored post will have a permanent placement on our site. Sponsored tags added to each post, unless otherwise noted in the instructions field of the order form.  

How It Works..

  1. Review our guidelines below.
  2. Complete our order form with your placement, billing and contact information.
  3. You'll be notified when we receive your order, and again once it's completed.
  4. Placing an order is that simple!


  • Choose an article from our 4,000+ post library.
  • Find or add a relevant sentence for your link.
  • Provide your anchor text.
  • Provide your target link.


  • Choose a category from our library.
  • Review our editorial guidelines.
  • Write a post on a relevant topic. 
  • Highlight your keyword/phrase & target link.

Link & Post Rates

Standard link


  • (1) Do-Follow Link
  • Add or Change Copy
  • 72 hr Publishing
  • 1yr Customer Support
standard post


  • (2) Do-Follow Links
  • Licensed Imagery
  • 72 hr Publishing
  • 1yr Customer Support
Premium link


  • (1) Premium Do-Follow
  • Add or Change Copy
  • 72 hr Publishing
  • 1yr  Customer Support
premium post


  • (2) Premium Do-Follow
  • Licensed Imagery
  • 72 hr Publishing
  • 1yr Customer Support

100% Guarantee for 1 Year


If, for any reason, your link requires re-indexing, or if you have any issues, our friendly support team will help you get the results you need.

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