Mobile App of the Week: Sayer

Sayer is an interactive community of curious individuals who share their predictions, ideas, and wisdom by asking and answering questions, or “Sooths”.

Shifting away from the paradigm of self-centered social networking, Sayer is an iOS mobile application focused on piquing our collective fascination with the future and the world around us through thought-provoking questions and predictions. Users post sooths in the form of a prediction or a poll and can then challenge their friends and the greater Sayer community to participate. Sooths can be about anything from the prediction of the outcome of the World Series to a poll on one of life’s biggest unanswered questions. Popular sooths appear on the ‘Trending’ screen and users have the ability to search for sooths based on their interests, through topics and tags.

Sayer was founded by Stanford alumnus and product designer Patrick Davis. The free Sayer mobile application is available for download in the Apple App Store.

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