Do you ever wonder about what energy is flowing through the space in your room? Does the environment you surround yourself with create a peaceful vibe or does it exude a vibrant aura? The practice of feng shui helps answer these questions and brings in new elements to think about when deciding how to design your room. Allowing yourself to bask in the light of a brighter space can have beneficial effects that let you take control of the energy you bring into your life.

Feng shui is an art that many people use to improve the energy in their home. The practice began in China and has developed over 3,000 years. Feng shui consultant, Rodika Tchi, describes it as “a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for people inhabiting.” Learning more about feng shui can be incredibly useful if you want to recognize what kind of energy you are letting into your life.

In the art of feng shui there are five main elements. These elements can help you decide what energy and colors you may want to use and combine for each room:

The first element is the Fire Element. This element is an indicator of passion and good sexual energy. It can additionally bring good energy to the career aspects in your life. The colors of the fire element include red, orange, purple, pink, and strong yellow.

The second element is the Earth Element. This element becomes important when maintaining your health or trying to create an inner balance. It is helpful when trying to center a focus in your life. These colors consist of beige/skin color and earthy/sandy colors.

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The third element is the Metal Element. Bringing in this element creates a calm and crisp energy that eliminate any distractions. It can help bring more clarity into your life. The colors revolving around this element are gray and white.

The fourth element is the Water Element. The water element perpetuates a more calming energy. There is this sense of ease and purity when this element is present in a room. The primary water element colors are blue and black.

The final fifth element is the Wood Element. Health and growth are energies strongly connected with this element. It is additionally a symbol for the concept of abundance in your life, such as abundance in wealth or prosperity. This element’s colors are mainly brown and green.

There are different ways you can apply feng shui to your bedroom, home, or office. A common tool used to determine the energy map in a room is the Luo-Pan. The Luo-Pan acts as a compass that allows you to access deeper information about different locations. The tool consists of bands of concentric rings that are arranged around a magnetic needle.

Rearranging furniture is a large part of feng shui. It is important to place your furniture in a way that maximizes comfort and convenience. DIY Stress Relief and Rodika Tchi offer some guidance when deciding how to organize your rooms. One tip is to make sure that you are not blocking other furniture or doorways. This creates a cluttered atmosphere and can be a symbol for road blocks in your own life. The placement of your bed, therefore, also holds a strong significance. You want to have your bed in a strong commanding position that is easily approachable from both sides. It should be kept away from any doors or windows. Placing a bed near the doorway is a symbol of living life in the “coffin position” or leading with your feet first.

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When establishing the location of items in a room, it is crucial to avoid mixing any elements. This idea comes into play primarily when arranging appliances in the kitchen. Keeping fire and water elements away from each other can ensure good health. It becomes more difficult to move around furniture when appliances are involves, but an example of this could be making sure that the sink and stove are not directly next to each other.

Good lighting in a room can also perpetuate positive energy. Using a variety of lights throughout a space can create subtle changes that vary the mood from room to room. Lamps are not the only source of light available. It may also useful to try implementing candles to the décor of your rooms. Because of this, it is generally better to avoid darker color schemes. Opening windows becomes a good source of natural light. Windows also create this freeing space that lets the energy flow more naturally.


Understanding the inner peace and beauty that feng shui can bring lets you escape into a whole new environment of uncharted energies. It can be an element that brings more color into your day to day activities or it can be that first step in making a different, positive change. If you feel stuck or closed off to any aspect in your life, this art can even help alter your perspective on how to approach these matters. Be bold and start taking control of the setting you surround yourself with.

When beginning to practice feng shui, the most important thing is remembering to create a space that feels right to you. Don’t be afraid to move things around or try something different. The energy that flows from creating a space out of your comfort zone might pleasantly surprise you!

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