Retro Boutique of the Week: The Fantastic Umbrella Factory

The Fantastic Umbrella Factory is Millennial's pick for retro boutique of the week.

Retro Boutique of the Week: The Fantastic Umbrella Factory

Frills Gallery is just one of the quaint shops you will discover at the Fantastic Umbrella Factory in Charlestown, RI. Established in 1968 by Robert Bankel on an old farm homestead, the Fantastic Umbrella Factory has grown from one small building in the 1800’s selling penny candy and unusal gifts to an enjoyable and affordable destination for locals and visitors alike with beautifully landscaped gardens, artisan shops and an organic cafe.

Under new ownership by David and Linda Turano, the Fantastic Umbrella Factory is located at 4820 Old Post Rd. Charlestown, RI.

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