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In an age of stunning and powerful technology, life’s daily challenges have gotten a little less rough-around the-edges. Calculators, GPS devices, portable technology; it all helps achieve goals a little easier. With all these assisting devices, however, are people actually engaged in what they’re doing? To keep your mind active, you may want to play some brain games!

A polished, regular diet of mental challenges does the body good. Flexing the cognitive muscles (so to speak) is one of the sole fundamental activities that everyone can enjoy. Engaging the brain in stimulating activity can be like a breath of fresh air to some. For others, it’s just another excuse to test themselves in a new way. One thing is certain: food for thought is real, and it comes in the form of games.

Before the time of electronic devices, people used many different kinds of mind games to keep themselves going through the day. Sudoku, crosswords, and mazes are the classic forms of mentally engaging activity. These brain games had become so popular over the years that they can be found in most major newspapers across the country to this day. With technology, however, comes an entirely new generation of cognitive challenges.

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The power of instant mental stimulation from smartphone apps, tablet devices, and the internet in general provide enticing and developed games that prove worthy of the average mind. In fact, game-based apps such as these have actually become a pillar in daily society. From quiz-based apps to challenging friends, to trade-based games centered around economics, there is no end to the knowledge being dropped.

What Kind of Brain Games Should I Play?

One of the most popular brain-based apps, Lumosity has cornered the market on human development through personal mental challenges. Intelligence is something that most take for granted. This brain-training app is based on the implorable grounds of improving that ability in a number of different divisions. Because most mind games only focus on one facet of the mind’s workings, Lumosity systematically aims to blanket them all. Problem solving, memory, attention; all of these mental functions and more are bases covered in the app’s emboldened training program.

One of Lumosity’s chief endeavors is to improve mental cognition in the elderly. This issue the app is addressing is a direct result of (along with just old age) mental de-stimulation. Cognitive stamina is like a race: pacing is everything. Retaining focus is important in leading a happy, healthy lifestyle. Without the proper focus, it can be difficult to accomplish things, even on a small scale.

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Brain games are just part of the bigger picture of healthy dieting and physical exercise, the role they play is crucial for staying sharp and not allowing increasing age to deteriorate the mind. From Lumos Labs, part of The Human Cognition Project, studies have shown that students who engage in regular Lumosity training over the stretch of a course will exhibit higher grade advancements after every assessment than those who do not. These mental games not only work to keep focused, but they also sustain and improve on the health of the brain.

It seems challenging the mind on a regular basis is almost a no-brainer, but beware, it’s important not to over-do it. Physically, the mind, can only maintain focused attention for timely stretches before disengaging. That’s why playing routine brain games helps build and sustain cognitive function over time. It also helps to boost your IQ. You don’t know what IQ stands for? Well, you can learn all about it here: What is an IQ Test.

If you are struggling, there’s no harm in helping out your brain a little in order to keep the game going. Say you’re playing a word scramble game, or Scrabble, and your brain just won’t form a word. Using a tool like a word unscrambler will help you resolve the brain freeze so you can move on to the next puzzle. Daily personal challenges are always important, but the ones that stimulate the brain are among the most effective. Routine personal training and active challenges help create a window to success, staying sharp, and making the most of every day.

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Written by Matthew J. Dick

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