The Inca civilization is said to be one of the earliest in the world. This leaves the land of Peru burgeoned with some really fascinating and intriguing places; some of which are even beyond scientific explanations. From the many historical ruins to astonishing examples of nature’s creations, Peru has a plethora of such places that will make you wonder.

One of the best ways to grab the opportunity of visiting some of these nature’s hidden magic is to be in touch with the locals, as they know it the best. Volunteering abroad is one way that lets you interact with the natives closely and provides an opportunity to understand the history, culture, and lifestyle better.

Astonishing places in Peru you must visit:

Machu Picchu

When it comes to mastering architectural designs, especially, out of stones, Incas top the list with a huge margin. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Machu Picchu, nestled amidst the Andean mountains, is one such pragmatic example of the fine arts from Inca empire. Take any of the available trails to trek to this wonder of the world and let your senses examine the tranquility that persists in its vicinity.

Marcahuasi Ruins

Every country has its own legends and mythologies; Peru is no different. Located near the district of San Pedro de Casta is the ruin site of Marcahuasi. The location that has a series of stone sculptures, depicting the ancient lifestyle and art from the Inca empire, is said to have some mystically healing powers. The inhabitants of the village San Pedro de Casta are considered to be the guardians of this ruin site and, thus, would charge some amount to let the visitors trek to the main location.

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San Pedro Cemetery of Ninacaca

Ever imagined the dead having a colorful and lively neighborhood!? The San Pedro cemetery in the area of Ninacaca district has something of that sorts. Breaking the routine ambience of ravaged and creepy cemeteries, people of Ninacaca have created colorful architectural models in place of headstones for each grave. Though, it does not follow a particular theme or genre, the look is certainly quite intriguing.


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One thing that sets apart Peru from rest of the Latin countries (or even the entire America) is its natural diversity. So much so, that it does not just ends at rivers, mountains, oceans, rainforests but goes all the way to have a magnificent looking desert oasis. Dotted with palm trees, fancy hotels and restaurants, this place is a pearl in the ocean of sand. What has been a tourist hotspot for a while now has a lot of interesting stories around its formation and appearance. The commonest is the princess turning into mermaid; watch out for that!

Huayllay National Sanctuary

Imagine a lush green open land area, stretched to your site limits, dotted with huge stones and rock formations; in a nutshell, that’s Huayllay National Sanctuary for you. Dating back to more than 70 million years ago, these rocks are so finely grouped with each other that it easily gives an image of a rock forest from a distance; probably that’s where it got it’s name from.

Nazca lines

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Welcome one of the most mysterious archaeological sites of not just Peru but the entire world. Testing the patience of several geologists, archeologists, and anthropologists for decades, these geoglyphs are creative drawings of different figures, stretching up to almost 200 sq. miles. One of the most interesting aspects of these glyphs is the size of the drawings, which is so huge that the only way to fully see the figures is the aerial route; from a height of several hundred feet. A must visit for sure.

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Aramu Muru

“A doorway to the Gods”, that’s what the locals have to say about the mysterious door of this 23 feet square rock construction left incomplete; and is now an abandoned site. Located on lake Titicaca, near the border to Bolivia, Aramu Muru is arguably the least known mysterious place on earth, yet one of the most puzzling. There are several theories that go around this rock construction but the actual facts aren’t clear as of date. First noticed by mountaineering guide Jose Luis Delgado Mamani while on his expedition to explore Peru highlands, Aramu Muru is one place you need to visit.

To add to your interest, the list doesn’t really end here. These are just a few examples of the mystique the Inca land of Peru. So whether you decide to volunteer in Peru or otherwise, if you are planning a trip to Peru (highly advised) make sure you get to visit some of these exotically mysterious places.