Aussie Beauty Secrets From the Ladies Down Under

Millennial Magazine- Aussie Beauty Secrets

Kissed by sun and touched by the sea, the natural beauty of Aussie girls’ hair and skin can’t ever be outdone. As a matter of fact, their major advance is exactly that – the nature.

Aussie Beauty Secrets # 1- The cosmetics

Sure, they are blessed with the amount of sun out there, but that has some disadvantages – particularly for the skin. Especially now, with all the O3 holes and pollutants, sun exposure isn’t as good as it used to be. Today, aside from all the other harmful effects, it can even lead to melanoma. This is why Aussie girls use many different kinds of products. You can find various cosmetics online that will help you stay beautiful, but safe. Here are just a few of them.

Millennial Magazine- Aussie Beauty Secrets


Moisturizers protect the skin from all those rough elements in our surroundings. During extremely cold or extremely hot periods our skin can become very sensitive and dry. That’s why using moisturizers and serums that are rich with hyaluronic acid is very important for the recovery. During colder months, you should opt for heavier moisturizers, while the lighter ones are perfect for the summer heat. and offers plenty of varieties in moisturizers., is a place for latest voucher codes, it’s worth checking for discounts & deals before making online purchase.

If you have extremely dry skin – use alcohol-free toner, because alcohol further dries the skin. Simply wipe your face with it after cleansing and then apply some moisturizer. Also, have in mind that hot water can be very harmful as it damages the skin barrier and speeds up the drying process.

Makeup and Cleansers

Since Aussie girls love the natural look, it should be clear to you that this means almost no makeup. First of all makeup is not good for your pores, and second you need to rub it off every day which is also not good. When you decide to use makeup, however, make sure that you have a good oil-free cleanser and micellar cleansing water with glycerin and purified water.


Summer, winter – it doesn’t matter, the sun is always here and so is the UV radiation. The UV radiation during fall is equal to the one in July. So, if you don’t protect your skin the right way, the collagen from your skin will become damaged and the best way to avoid damages is to apply sunscreen with at least 30 SPF daily.

Aussie Beauty Secrets # 2- Wavy hair

Again, the climate out there is perfect for your hair. Natural waves and blonde highlights can be seen all around. Even if your country doesn’t have access to the sea, you can make your hair wavy in many different ways.

Millennial Magazine- Aussie Beauty Secrets


This is probably the oldest and the easiest method for creating wavy hair. Depending on the size and density of the waves you want – adjust the size of your braids. Keep them overnight and take them off when you get up. Add some hair foam and voila.

Blow dry

Flip your head upside down while you are blow drying your hair, or lean your head to one side. Use that bell shaped diffuser (which is crucial) to minimize the airflow and spread it as much as possible.


Granny method – but it works. However, they are not that practical because it takes you a long time to curl up your hair – especially if your hair is dry. The biggest problem with curlers is that they have to stay on for at least 5 hours, if you want those perfect curls.

Aussie Beauty Secrets # 3- Swimming

Millennial Magazine- Aussie Beauty Secrets

If you are not living anywhere near the sea, go to the nearest swimming pool or lake and there you have it. First of all, swimming is very good for injured athletes, especially those who need to take it easy on the joints. Even pregnant women go swimming because of its amazing benefits.

It is great for your lungs because, while swimming, our body starts using oxygen more efficiently. When swimming, your endurance increases significantly, as you’re doing a full body workout. So what are you waiting for? Grab your swimsuit and run to the nearest pool!

Aussie Beauty Secrets # 4- Coconut oil

Millennial Magazine- Aussie Beauty Secrets

Coconut oil has many benefits, from skincare, over haircare all the way to weight loss. When it comes to skin care, coconut oil is great for dry skin as a massage oil since it has no side effects like mineral oils do. It prevents dryness and flaking and it is great for pores, wrinkles and saggy skin. Coconut oil prevents aging because it’s full of antioxidants and it is great for treating dermatitis, eczema and other infections.

When it comes to haircare, coconut oil makes your hair shiny and reduces the protein loss. It is great for damaged hair as a conditioner, and it minimizes dandruff and dryness if you use it to massage your scalp regularly.

And now, the part concerning the weight loss. Yes this magical product contains acids that help us burn the excess fat – especially in the abdominal area. Coconut oil is easily digestible, and therefore reduces pancreatic stress. So, start cooking with it whenever you can.
Sounds good enough to try it out? What are you waiting for?

Aussie Beauty Secrets # 5- Water

Millennial Magazine- Aussie Beauty Secrets

Last but not least – make sure you are always hydrated! A normal human being needs at least 2 liters of water every day. It helps digestion, weight loss and much more. So always stay hydrated!

That would be it. Try these Aussie beauty secrets and rock that perfect Aussie look.

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Written by Mia Taylor

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