America’s southern states are known for their beautiful, warm weather.

States like Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and Tennessee are all great places to go on vacation, especially if you are from up north. What’s great about the south of the USA is that each state has its own distinct culture, rooted in the cultures of the different peoples that settled in them.

However, because America’s south is so vast, it is important to plan your vacation carefully. The more carefully planned it is, the better it’ll be.

Here’s how you can plan a trip to the Deep South.

Local Wildlife

One of the main reasons people visit America’s Deep South is to see its diverse wildlife. You can find everything there, from crocodiles to alligators, and caiman to black and white tegu. An area, in particular, that’s great for spotting wildlife is the Florida Everglades. If you want to see the Everglades, then the best city to visit is Fort Lauderdale. You can take Fort Lauderdale boat tours directly into them. You can also take tours out into the ocean and go fishing, too.

Timing Visit

Make sure to time your visit carefully. The weather in America’s Deep South can get very oppressive at times. It’s best to avoid traveling during peak summer if you don’t deal with heat very well. Make sure that you do your research and check out local weather forecasts before visiting or planning your trip. You can view annual forecasts for previous years to get an idea of what it will be like traveling when you intend on visiting if your trip is too far into the future to view a predicted forecast. Also, there are a lot of folk festivals held in the Deep South worth checking out. Time your visit to coincide with them if they interest you.

Trying Food

The food that’s commonly eaten in America’s Deep South is very different to that which is traditionally consumed in places like Boston or New England. It is a mix of French, Spanish, indigenous, English, Irish, and African cooking. Because of all of these influences, it’s absolutely delicious. Southern cuisine is arguably America’s best. A lot of it is based around seafood too, due to the various rivers and lakes found in the southern states. If you have any allergies, then do research ahead of your visit and find out what dishes are unique to the area, so you can check out their ingredients and make sure you aren’t allergic to any of them.

Booking Accommodation

Finally, it’s a good idea to book accommodation in advance. Booking accommodation a few months before you travel will help you to save money. If you leave booking your hotel or Airbnb until the last minute, then you can expect to have to pay a lot more than you would if you booked in advance. It’s a good idea to visit during the shoulder season if you really want to save money. However, during the shoulder season there tends to be a lot less going on.

America’s southern states are definitely worth visiting, especially if you are an American citizen and have never been down south. It is like entering another country when you pass the Mason-Dixie line.