Essential Camping Gear for the High-Tech Outdoor Enthusiast

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If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need convincing to try camping. You’re also not looking for 101 benefits of camping. So we’ll just fast-forward to the good part–the essential camping gear for high-tech outdoor enthusiasts.

1.   Solar Power Bank

This digital age has given us a lot of gadgets that run on batteries that run out too soon for a camper’s liking. When you’re out there hiking or if you’re camping a good deal away from your vehicle, the solar power bank will keep your gadgets alive. Just leave it out there to soak in the sun and you’ll have at least a night’s supply of power. There are a lot of solar power bank options available. The key is to look for sufficient backup; that is until they fix electrical sockets in the woods or figure out some other natural way of powering up your devices!

2.   Smart Cooker

For a foodie camper, the smart cooker is an absolute essential. You don’t want to be struggling with lighting up coal or hauling heavy camping gear to your campsite. The smart cooker is a light-weight and portable kitchen that is easy to fix and even easier to use. It all depends on the kind of meals you intend to prepare for your camping trip. From portable grills to cooktops, there’s a wide range to choose from. And while you’re at it, it’ll be nice to invest in compact cutlery–the kind where all your pots, pans, plates, and cups can collapse into one easy-to-carry pack.

3.   Multipurpose Lantern

You’ll need light in your camp, particularly if you’re setting it up away from habitation. Torches and rechargeable lanterns can help you with that. But for a high-tech outdoor enthusiast, the hand crank lantern is the way to go. These double up as the power bank and radio too. Some other variations of camping gear combine the lantern with portable speakers, natural mosquito repellants, and solar chargers. When you’re out there in the wild, shape-shifters like these can make life easy.

4.   Hiking Water Bottle

You can’t carry gallons of water with you. But a hiking water bottle makes sure you have access to drinking water no matter where in the wild you collect it from. Some hiking bottle variations make use of natural elements like coal, sand, and resin to purify water. Some others use UV LEDs for the same purpose. The best part about these bottles is they have satisfactorily long lives. This investment will likely stay with you for the next couple of years before needing an upgrade.

Millennial Magazine- camping gear

5.   GoPro/Drone

Even if you’re not a social media freak, you have to capture your best moments. The GoPro is built to survive all kinds of environments and hence makes a good investment. But if you like clicking pictures of yourself, invest in a drone. Another benefit of the drone is it lets you see ahead so you’re mentally better prepared for whatever is about to come your way.

6.   Night Vision Monocular

if you have an interest in wildlife and you’d like to observe these in the dark, the night vision monocular will come in handy. Torchlight will scare them away or agitate them, both of which you’d want to avoid. The night vision monocular gives you the ability to observe them in their natural habitat. This gadget is rechargeable with a decent battery life to keep you entertained throughout the night.

7.   Tactical Wristwatch

When you’re hiking or camping in the wild, you can never rule out the possibility of getting lost. Even road routes can be confusing at times. The tactical wristwatch keeps you guided, making sure you’re not losing time. The good ones come with built-in GPS, compass, thermometer, barometer, and altimeter. They’re waterproof and damage-proof, military grade equipment. And yes, they tell the time too!

8.   Satellite Phone

There’s nothing more worrisome than losing signals on your phone. We’re so addicted to our smartphones that we don’t realize how much we’ve started depending on them. And when your plastic-coated friend leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere, panic is a natural reaction. Satellite phones make sure you still have connectivity so you’re able to call for help or guidance. Accidents can happen. You can lose your way. Anything can happen. Make sure you’re connected even where networks don’t work, particularly if pursuing unpopular tracks is your forte.

9.   Walking Stick

This isn’t a high-tech gadget but when your backpack is full of them, this simple piece of equipment will make it a lot easier to get to places. This support will make climbs and walks easier, sharing your baggage weight as you move. And if you’re looking for a tech-enabled walking stick, you can find some with built-in guiding lights, hidden weapons, GPS, compass, and more.

Quality Camping Gear Is A Necessity

We’ve not mentioned a tent because it is at the heart of your camping trip and you can surely navigate through the clutter to your best fit. But if you have these high-tech camping gears with you, we’re sure you’ll have an amazing overnight camping experience. Don’t be vulnerable; camp like a pro and have a great time while at it!

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Written by James Crook

James is a passionate blogger who loves to write on prevailing trends particularly the adventure, travel destinations and fun related posts. Currently, he is associated with White Duck Outdoors, Camping and Backpacking Gear Providers for their blog operations.

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