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Millennial Magazine- stay fit at the office

Statistics show that Americans work more than people in other industrialized nations, and this obviously means you’ll have less time to engage in other activities. Unfortunately, this includes the ability to stay fit at the office. It can be difficult to find a moment to visit the gym, but there are ways you can keep fit even when stuck behind a desk.

Why Is Office Fitness Important?

The term “office fitness” will undoubtedly turn some heads, but in reality, it exists now. Sadly, we’re becoming more sedentary at our jobs every day. Between 1970 and 2000, the number of Americans who spent most of their time sitting at desks doubled. The number of citizens who worked in high-energy jobs also dropped by one-third.

Unfortunately, medical professionals have consistently found that this type of inactivity increases the likelihood of diseases and early death. Even worse is the fact that recent research found inactivity at work can remove the benefits of meeting traditional physical activity guidelines.

That’s right: a lack of office fitness can actually take away the benefits of working out. Luckily, there are a few ways around this.

How to Stay Fit at the Office

Being at work all day doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit at the office. There are a variety of different items that will keep you in shape even if you spend all day typing. Here’s a few of those products and brands.

Standing Desks

Standing is obviously the way to combat negative health effects from sitting all day. In addition to improved cardiovascular health, standing desks help you burn an extra 50 calories per hour.

  • MultiTable: MultiTable desks feature thermally infused laminate to make them resistant to stains, water and other wear. These desks start around $300, but larger models can go for $1,000.
  • Varidesk: Varidesk has an impressive cable management system and quiet electric motors that make adjustment a cinch. Simple desks and converters can go for around $400, but more complex desks run about $1,000-1,500.
  • Eureka Ergonomic: Eureka Ergonomic might have the easiest controls of all standing desks. They’re also very spacious for their price point, which starts at $180 and goes up to around $1,000.

Millennial Magazine- stay fit at the office

Desk Bikes

From full-sized stationary bikes with their own desks to pedaling mechanisms that fit right under your workstation, desk bikes provide the feeling of cycling even when working.

  • FlexiSpot: FlexiSpot offers a full-size stationary bike with its own spacious desk, ergonomic design and adjustable height for the seat and desk. Setup takes only one minute. The bike costs around $500.
  • FitDesk: FitDesk provides two full-size bikes that each have tablet holders. The desk platform is also adjustable and there’s a storage space in the bike. Basic models range from $250 to $350.
  • DeskCycle: DeskCycle is a cycling device that slides under your current desk. It has eight resistance levels, a separate display stand and the lowest pedal height on the market. Pricing tops out around $170.

Treadmill Desks

Treadmill desks are exactly what you’d envision if someone said “I got a treadmill desk.” While they may seem bulky, the health benefits are undeniable and will help you stay fit at the office.

  • NordicTrack: NordicTrack’s treadmill desk has an integrated desktop display, oversized work surface, lifetime frame/motor warranty and SpaceSaver® design. Costs will run around $1,000.
  • LifeSpan: LifeSpan treadmill desks can support 300-400 lbs — depending on the model you buy. Their horsepower goes up to 3 HP and they have up to 50-inch walking belts. Price ranges from $600 to $1,500.
  • Exerpeutic 2000: Exerpeutic 2000 comes with its own backlit LCD computer display, a tablet stand, five-year warranty and cup holders. Typical pricing is around $900.

Take Charge of Your Health

Most of us can’t opt out of being employed, but staying healthy at work is a choice. By utilizing these simple solutions in the workplace, you can ensure you don’t fall victim to the detrimental health effects of inactivity at work. With these products available, there is no excuse for not taking charge of your health.

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Written by JR Dominguez

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