It’s never a bad idea to stop and think about the impact your business has on the overall environment. Your daily habits and how you operate in the office matters; and the more you do to help this cause the better off you’ll be in the long run.

Be glad to know there are ways for how you can manage a more environmentally friendly business and do your part to make the world a more desirable place to live. All it takes is educating yourself on a few important matters and then spreading the word to your employees, so everyone at your company is onboard with this initiative.

Bring Tasks Online

One place to start is to commit to bringing more of your work tasks online and do less with pen and paper. For example, you can think about working in the cloud and purchasing a low cost professional PCB design software for your engineers and designers. This way you’ll be saving the environment and completing your work in a more efficient way all at the same time.

Cut Back on Printing & Commit to Recycling

Another idea is to cut back on the amount of paper and printers you allow to have in your office. Make sure each person has their own laptop and can take notes and complete work assignments online and avoid printing so much. In addition, it’s important to at least get in the habit of recycling what items you and your employees no longer have a need or use for. Have enough recycling buckets out and make sure they’re labelled, so your staff members know what items go where.

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Make Improvements in the Office

Run a more environmentally friendly business by making improvements around the office and to how you operate in general. For example, make sure purchasing knows what equipment to buy and won’t hurt the environment and that you install lights that use less energy and automatically turn off when no one’s in the room. Also, replace outdated appliances with more energy-efficient options and go as far as getting an energy audit so you can make even more useful changes.

Allow for Telecommuting

You can also run a more environmentally friendly business when you allow for and promote telecommuting. This perk will not only help you to attract top talent but also reduce the carbon footprint of your office. In addition, encourage your staff to use public transportation or bike to work on days they have to report to the office. Set a good example by purchasing a hybrid vehicle or choosing to carpool with others once in a while.


To be more environmentally friendly isn’t necessarily a difficult task, but will take an extra effort on your part. Use these ideas to help you get started in the right direction and to get you thinking about additional ways you can help save and improve the environment. If you’re short on ideas or need help with this initiative, then ask your employees who are passionate about the topic to pitch in.