Your car doesn’t have to be a cosmetic wonder. It’s the transport that gets you from A to B, and it keeps your dog securely strapped in the backseat as you go; it doesn’t have to be an aesthetic wonder! Especially if you’re on a budget, and just need something fast and convenient to rely on.

But that doesn’t mean your second hand vehicle has to look a state, and stand out when it’s on the road. After all, as human beings, we love to look nice!

So, you’ve got a car that’s a bit older than the others lined up down your street, or you’ve got a car that’s got quite a few more miles on the clock than your best friend’s does. Either way, you want to add a few personal touches to the vehicle – and there’s plenty of ways to do that. So here’s just a few of the personalization methods that have the most bang for their buck.

Get a New Number Plate

This is a very good way to try and hide the age of your vehicle, if it’s one that’s not been seen fresh off the market in about 15 years or so. Car plates are very good at telling other people on the road just how second hand your car might be, and if you ever look to sell your car on again, there’s a good chance your vehicle will have little to no value to it.

But this can be changed quite easily, and often, quite cheaply too. So look into your Private Plates options; you can personalize the license yourself, get it registered by law, and then fit it to the back and front of your vehicle. It’ll be an updated plate, that just came out this year, and can give your car a whole new breath of fresh air.

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Use Some Scents Liberally

When it comes to personalizing your car, being able to change the smell of the interior is one great way to give it a bit of a cosmetic upgrade. After all, the better the place smells, the more comfortable you feel within it. So be sure to start heavily investing or air fresheners, even the kind you can hang off the mirror in front of you.

Plus, there’s all kinds of scents on the market. Lavender, Vanilla, Chamomile… even the scent of your favorite candy is out there to plug into your air conditioner!

Use Something Interesting to Hold Your Phone

Last but not least, attaching a phone holder to your dashboard. Not only is it a great safety feature, but it’s one that’ll look good in front of you too. Something practical is top priority, of course, but then something that looks a little different is going to work well too. Take a quick look through a list like this to start you off.

Your second hand car needs a few finishing touches to make it yours, and it’s really quite easy to apply them.