It’s no secret that twenty-somethings have their social media game on lock. However, your efforts to get swiped right by buying that polka dot bikini only made your wallet slimmer than your waist. If you really want to find your new summer flame, it’s time to swipe left on Tinder and hit the hottest singles bar in town: Linkedin. This is your key to be able to afford all those #sundayfunday bikinis. With a paycheck to play with and the natural glow of passion you’ll be getting from your new gig, your Sundays just got a whole lot sexier.

While the business platform is admittedly the least sexy social media platform out there, its’ butterface will make you look like the smokeshow. Use LinkedIn as your wingman and you’ll have your career relationship status changed by cuffing season.

Meredith Wood, editor-in-chief of Fundera, a financial platform that provides business-savvy tools and advice, recently shared an extensive list of tips on taking your Linkedin game to the next level. Here are a few of our favorites.

Searching For Your Soulmate: How To Get The Job You Want

  • The Thirst Trap: Firstly, aim to creatively describe your experience. You want to show rather than tell. By avoiding overused words like “expert,” “passionate,” “ninja,” “motivated,” and “organizational” you can stand out from other candidates.
  • Don’t Be A Catfish: Next, having a profile photo will make your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by recruiters. Keep your LinkedIn profile picture simple, inviting, and professional. Remember, this is your first impression! Take a cue from the dating guru, Barney Stinson and “Suit up!”
  • Double Takes & Double the Dates: Furthermore, use keywords relevant to your desired industry in your headline and throughout your profile to boost visibility. This is how recruiters and potential connections will find you.
  • The Icebreaker: Most importantly, nail the Summary Section to prove you’re more than your job title. Think of it as an elevator pitch. Keep it short, engaging and creatively tell your professional story. Add relevant links that show off your achievements. The summary section is the #1 place recruiters look at when viewing profiles.
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The First Date: Landing Your First Job With Linkedin

  • The Blind Date Set Up:  First, ask for recommendations. Referrals are the number one source of new hires and can open up new opportunities.
  • Beauty & Brains: Next, highlight your educational achievements. Even if still in progress, this can help you to easily find connections in your alumni network.

A New Flame: Switching Careers

  • The Singles Bar: First, set your desired location. 30% of recruiters use advanced search based on location.
  • Don’t Be Basic: Next, communicate specific examples that show off your ability to deliver the skills employers are looking for.
  • Your Pick-up Line: Also, optimize your profile keywords by filling your summary section with buzzwords. This is what recruiters are searching for in your desired industry.

Baby Makers: Starting Your Own Business

Creating a profile on Linkedin is your key to a successful future. Luckily, you already have the social networking skills. All you need to do is work in these simple tips to never get ghosted again. Through connecting with your coworkers, learning about potential job opportunities and networking with talent scouts, LinkedIn is a can’t-miss for becoming a future Mrs. It’s time you stop being a bridesmaid and become the bride. Find your career soul-mate. Say yes to the future you.

To read Meredith’s full article, 35 LinkedIn Profile Tips to Boost Your Career, visit Fundera.

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