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Millennial Magazine- Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa

Perfectly nestled on Rodeo Drive and situated in the heart of one of America’s most desirable communities, the Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa is an ultimate retreat for self-care. MILLENNIAL attended the Grand Reopening of the newly remodeled sanctuary to experience first-hand the products and services exclusive to the hotel. Join us in our daydream back through a night that made us feel like royalty.

French Royalty Meets Hollywood Glamour

Enter through gates of grandeur framed by abundant greenery to be immediately welcomed by a team of full service valet attendants. Noteworthy, a collection of the most luxurious foreign cars strategically align across a cobblestoned driveway. Essence of wealth saturates the space. First, a French chateau-styled living room welcomes guests. Soul-grounding natural light soaks into the lobby’s warm, rich colors. In addition, fine wood finishes and beautiful greenery reflect European charm. This versatile space transforms from a homey, afternoon-tea “gossip” hotspot to a gentleman’s evening escape. Make yourself at feel at home with a fine cocktail next to their cozy fireplace. Next, a short ride up lavish elevators will take you to the hotel’s Rooftop Garden and Spa. Above all, this is where you’re further immerse yourself in the intoxicating self-care paradise.

Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa Exclusives

The Peninsula’s new partners, Subtle Energies and Medical Beauty Research (MBR), featured mini spa treatments with their proprietary products. Notably, both partners offer services exclusive to The Peninsula Beverly Hills.

Millennial Magazine- Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa

Subtle Energies is an A-list source for an empowering physical, mental and emotional recharge. This Ayurveda principled aromatherapy and nature skincare company has just what you need to feel and look like one of the stars. Certainly, they deliver high performance results. Subtle Energies combines science-based methods founded in ancient cultures with holistic modern techniques. In addition, this line hits all of your health-conscious marks. They have been certified with Cruelty-Free International. Also, they have excluded all parabens, mineral oils, silicones and artificial fragrances from their products.

Medical Beauty Research (MBR) offers a variety of age-defying creams. MBR is known for being at the frontier of medicine. Their products are handmade in small, exclusive batches in the heart of Germany. Importantly, they abide by strict high quality standards. Above all, we appreciate their company’s eco-friendly values. Notably, their skincare line offers a simple three-step approach. This works synergistically for maximal power and effectiveness. A deep cleanser will remove built-up dead skin cells. As a result, this deeply penetrating prep will have set your skin up for the infusion stage. Next, stimulate your skin with a decadent rejuvenation process. This stage will nourishes deep within the epidermal and dermal layers. Finally, your new-found radiance will be sealed with their exquisitely textured serum. Provide yourself with a beautiful, youthful glow that be worthy of a red carpet appearance.

A Night Of Self Care

The unveiling of the Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa curated a beautiful night of luxury. Guests were offered a variety of beauty-boosting cocktails and bikini-friendly hors d’oeuvres. Stress-relieving spa treatments were provided by resident aestheticians throughout the space.

The lounge area was drenched in warm, natural light reflecting off golden trim and princess pink cushions. Breathes of fresh air were blissfully accompanied dancing notes of song birds. Soothing sounds of water trickled down stone fountains filling the space with tranquil acoustics. The new treatment and blow out rooms are the stand-out features of the Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa. Further, find yourself immersed in their new dry saunas. These rooms feel like pure luxury with Himalayan salt crystals embellishments. Lastly, snap a photo in front of the Instagram-worthy wall of beautifully hand-crafted white porcelain flowers.

Top of Our A-List

From door to door, the Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa offers a star-quality experience curated for Hollywood’s elite. Certainly, the technicians provide a self-care daydream that will leave you feeling revitalized and energetic. With exclusive products from Subtle Energies and Medical Beauty Research you’re sure to leave the spa with a youthful, California sun-kissed glow that will rival any A-Lister on the red carpet!

To learn more about the Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa or to book an appointment at the Spa, visit their website.

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Written by Sarah Rose Reichert

Sarah Rose is a Los Angeles-based photographer, designer and journalist. She's also an integrative nutritionist and sports trainer with a love for holistic wellness. When she's not out on the field, you can find her exploring the coast in her ’97 blue Tacoma pickup, packed up with her surfboard and pup Honey.

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