Winter is coming…and there is no better way to celebrate darker days than to bring in the light! You may have notice a recent flooding of your Facebook feed with the new GalaxyCove ads, we sure did! That’s why we had to get our hands on this new laser projector and test out what all the hype was about.¬†Fortunately, the product is as cool as it looks! And with shorter days on the way, this is the perfect addition to your home.

The Multiverse Inside Your Room

The GalaxyCove is a compact and easily transportable laser projector. Plug it in, charge it up and let it shine. The best part? It holds charge for 3-5 hours and is wireless, so it can be moved and pointed virtually anywhere. Place the light in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even backyard to turn any environment into a universe of its own.

The device has a limited but functional amount of settings. Switch between the six static colors: red, green, blue, purple, orange, and turquoise. Turn on or off the stars and moon. Or allow the colors to rotate. The projector also has a built in music sensor that will react based on the sound it hears.

Beauty & Wonder for All Ages 

There is no age limit on the GalaxyCove’s “cool factor.” Everyone will appreciate the unique lighting design that not only went into this product, but also the aesthetic it creates for your home. The versatility is what we especially love! Use it for your children’s nightlight, or set a romantic mood for you and that special someone. Let your imagination go wild on where place the light.

Interested in checking it out? Head over to GalaxyCove to learn more and use code aboutus10 to receive an extra 10% off at checkout.