Trying to lose weight healthily can be a long and challenging process for many people. Luckily, the constant advancements in the medical field have paved the way for new methods that promote weight loss and take a lesser amount of time to give people the effective results they need. One of these methods is gastric sleeve surgery, which is one of the most popular medical procedures that have been developed over the years to help people get the body they have always dreamt of without needing to go through the long and frustrating journey of weight loss. If you are thinking about undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, here is everything you should expect after the procedure.

Recovery Period

After getting out of your gastric sleeve surgery, you should expect that you will need to take some time to recover before you start seeing any noticeable changes. Even though this weight loss surgery has become a common procedure that doctors perform all the time, the procedure is still considered a tough one on the body and you will need to rest for a while before you can get back to normal and carry on with your life. The recovery period can take you about a couple of weeks as your stomach takes its healing process and you can start regaining your strength in this phase by eating solid food.

Gradual Weight Loss

Gastric sleeve surgery does not get rid of all your extra weight in the procedure itself. Instead, it helps you change your lifestyle in a way that will allow you to lose weight gradually and healthily once and for all. After the surgery, you will likely be eager for weight loss results that can be effortlessly felt and noticed. After the first week, you should start to see some gradual weight loss but do not put too much pressure on yourself to experience extreme weight loss in the first few weeks. Once your body heals, as you follow the healthy diet and medication your doctor prescribed, you should start losing weight more quickly and experience more noticeable results until you reach your goal weight and start working on maintaining it.

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Dietary Changes

People undergo gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight after struggling with other weight loss methods that may not be as effective. However, that is not to say that the surgery on its own can be enough to change your life if you do not change your dietary habits as well. After your surgery, you should expect your physician to give you a strict dietary program to follow to accustom your stomach to the changes that happened to it and get your body on the right track to being healthy and fit. You may need to stop consuming certain foods to maintain your health and ensure the procedure stays effective.

Follow-up Care

Similar to any other medical procedure, specifically after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, you will need regular medical care for a while to ensure everything is going well in your body. You will have to visit your doctor regularly and take certain prescribed medications to relieve the pain at first and help with your recovery process. Your doctor may even prescribe certain drugs that can help with weight loss and regulate your bowel movement after the surgery. You must follow all the medical care rules given by your doctor so that you do not develop any health risks and harm yourself.

Lifestyle Changes

Getting gastric sleeve surgery means getting your life changed forever. Your weight loss journey begins with the surgery and it will mean you will need to do a lot of lifestyle changes to maintain your new body and stay as healthy as possible. One of the most important lifestyle changes you will need to work on after the surgery is exercising more and staying active so that your body does not accumulate fat again and your surgery goes in vain. You will also need to be careful about everything you consume so you should no longer smoke or eat junk food that can affect your overall well-being.

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Reaching your goal weight is a long-term process that you can approach in different ways. If you choose to undergo gastric sleeve surgery to get rid of the extra weight that has been stopping you from living life the way you want to, you will need to adjust your lifestyle and know what to expect after the procedure. Make sure you keep up with your follow-up care after the surgery and follow your doctor’s orders to live a happier and healthier life.