Airsoft guns are a lot of fun, and airsoft fields can be found in just about every state. If you’re new to to the game, it can be hard to know where to start. You’ll need your weapon, but what else? This blog post will give you some basic information that might help when deciding on your first airsoft gun purchase!

Setting Your Budget for the Gun

Realizing what your budget is will help you to narrow down airsoft guns that are within your price range.

If you have a strict budget, then airsoft rifles and airsoft pistols might not be good choices for the first purchase because these come with an expensive upfront cost of typically $130+ depending on what model it is.

Airsoft shotguns can work well as the first purchase if they’re priced in the lower end of $100-$150 or higher end of $200+. The downside to this type of gun is that ammo can get costly – so make sure to keep extra shotgun shells handy.

In summary, asking yourself about how much money you want to spend will give you more information when choosing which airsoft gun would work best for your situation.

Do You Want a Spring-powered or Gas-powered Airsoft Gun?

A spring airsoft gun is a good choice for people who are looking to save money or get a hang of airsoft before purchasing more expensive guns. They can be very powerful and accurate, but they also require the user to manually cock back the tension release with their hands after every shot fired.

These airsoft guns take longer than gas-powered ones to reload, so you will need time between shots if you want to use them in combat situations against other players. You’ll have better accuracy and power with these airsoft weapons when shooting from long distances because there’s no recoil on them like there is with gas-powered airsoft guns.

Gas-powered airsoft rifles shoot faster due to compressing an air propellant behind a BB with air pressure, which is why they are popular for players who want a more realistic feel and don’t mind the extra cost over spring airsoft guns. Moreover, electric BB guns can be another option. They require less maintenance than their counterparts but you’ll need to cock back the tension release before each shot just like in a spring airsoft rifle. These airsoft weapons have recoil when shooting so your shots will not be as accurate or powerful at long distances without practice.

What Kind of Shooting Experience Are You Looking For

Knowing what kind of shooting experience you are looking for is important when you choose your airsoft gun. If close-range shooting suits you, then an airsoft pistol or submachine gun would be a good choice. For long-range shooting, bolt action rifles and sniper rifles are the way to go.

The airsoft pistol is a great choice for close-range shooting, and can also be very useful when fighting indoors due to its high power and accuracy even at shorter ranges. Sub-machine guns are also good in short distances because they provide lots of ammo quickly if you use an airsoft magazine as the ammunition source rather than single rounds like with pistols or rifles – but although sub-machine guns may seem like the perfect airsoft gun for close combat, their fire rate is not so fast compared to other weapons that it would make any significant difference between different models on how well they perform at longer ranges where precision matters more. Longer ranged air pistols exist, but their slower firing rates mean better accuracy has to be sacrificed.

For longer distances where you need more power while still maintaining some level of accuracy then bolt action airsoft rifles are perfect; this kind of rifle will allow you to hit opponents from over 50 feet away. But these airsoft weapons are less popular due to their slower firing rates and higher cost, so it is difficult to find airsoft rifles in stores unless you order them online.

When Choosing a Weapon Consider Its Weight

Knowing the weight of the airsoft gun before buying it could be an important factor for some people. While not as heavy as a real weapon, airsoft guns still have weight and can affect how you play with them.

Some airsoft fans will find that carrying heavier weapons is more realistic and they enjoy this feeling of realism when airsofting; however, others might find themselves to be at a disadvantage if their opponents are using lighter airsoft weapons than theirs.

Players who use lower-powered air pistols typically prefer lighter weights because the recoil isn’t quite so strong on these types of guns compared to air rifles or high-powered AKs.

If your goal in playing is speed then a lightweight would better suit your needs but if your goal is realism then a heavier airsoft gun would be more appropriate.

How Often Do You Plan to Play With Your New Toy

Whether you’re planning to airsoft once a week, airsoft every day, or airsoft once in a while, you’re going to want an airsoft gun that can keep up with your gameplay.

If you plan to airsoft on the weekends: Guns for weekend warriors are usually more expensive because they shoot faster and have heavier-duty parts. They also last longer than guns designed for occasional use. If cost is a factor there may be cheaper options available such as buying .20g BBs instead of precision grade 0.25g ammo which costs about double what the other would cost per bag (500 rounds).

One option could be renting if availability permits it where possible so that users will not need to spend too much money upfront but still get to use airsoft guns they are not familiar with to see which one suits them best.

If you plan to airsoft once a week: There is usually less need for heavy-duty parts so the cost will be lower in this case and there may be more of an option when it comes to different types of airsoft guns such as paintball or laser tag outfits. There are also many accessories that can make the airsoft gun easier to reload or shoot like scopes, bi-pods, flashlights, lasers, etc.

When it comes to airsoft guns, there are many factors you need to consider before making a purchase. What is your budget? Are you looking for a spring-powered or gas-powered shooting experience? Weight and how often do plan on playing with the toy gun should also be considered. We hope this article has given you some insight into what differentiates these two types of airsoft guns so that when it’s time to buy one, you will know exactly which type best fits your needs!