Going to the gym is a great way to get into shape and to improve your life. It’s also a great way to cost yourself a lot of money. Yes, it’s no secret: gyms are extortionate. Most people can’t justify spending several hundred dollars a year on the gym, especially considering the current cost of living crisis sweeping the globe, rising inflation, and massive unemployment.

There is one way of getting fit and benefitting from exercise machines without going to the gym, however. It’s to bring the gym to you!

This article will tell you how you can build your own home gym:

Find the Space

So, you want to build your own gym? The first thing that you need to do then, is to find the space. Setting up your own home gym requires a lot of space, especially if you intend on investing in machines. Gym equipment can be very large. Additionally, you will need a lot of room to move around and extend yourself. There’s no point in building a home gym in a cupboard because you won’t be able to do anything. Many people find that opening a home gym in their garage is the best way to get started, because garages are large, spacious, and don’t experience a lot of footfall.

Exercise Machines

Exercise machines are also very important. Without exercise machines, a home gym isn’t really a gym, is it? Exercise machines aren’t at all expensive. You can find everything, from a recumbent exercise bike to rowing machines online, usually at a discount. It’s best to read independent review sites when you are browsing exercise machines so that you can find which is best. There are lots of machines on the market, not all are worth your time or money.

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Invest In Mats

In addition to exercise machines, you will need to put down matting. Thankfully, gym matting isn’t at all expensive. You can buy it for next to nothing online. Make sure that you measure your gym space so that you can buy mats that are properly sized. If you don’t buy mats that are the right size, then they might not sit properly and may bulge. This can ruin your exercise experience. Make sure you buy mats that are thick if you intend on using weights, in case you drop them. Dropping your weights on a hard surface can damage both the floor and them.

Free Weights

Free weights are also a great investment. With free weights, you will be able to work out your chest and arms. The best part about investing in free weights is that they are very affordable. You can also buy them second hand, which is a great idea. Weights rarely get damaged, so they are usually just as good second hand as they are brand new. The only thing to watch out for with second-hand weights is rust. Lots of people leave their weights sitting around outdoors, which leads to them rusting.


Make sure that you leave enough room for you to practice callisthenics. Callisthenics is a very effective way of getting into shape. Callisthenics essentially involves using one’s body as a gym. Things like push-ups, sit-ups, squats, dips, and crunches are all callisthenics. Lots of professional athletes practice callisthenics in combination with their ordinary gym routines. This is definitely something that’s worth doing, especially if you want to get into incredible shape. Make sure to create a routine filled with callisthenic, machine, and weight exercises, then stick to it. These kinds of routines can get you very fit.

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Sound System

What’s a gym without a sound system? The best part about going to an actual gym is listening to music, getting into the zone, and pushing yourself. Many people put headphones in when they are training at actual gyms. This isn’t necessary at home, however. You can put your sound system on, listen to music, and get into your zone without having to ignore everybody around you, and the music playing on the stereo. Be courteous of your neighbors and anybody that you live with, however. Don’t listen to music too loudly.

Inviting Friends

Another great part about actual gyms is finding training partners. If you are going to set a gym up at home you can still have training partners, just ask your friends to come over. You could also ask your partner to be your training partner. Work out a schedule with your partner that works for both of you.

Building a home gym is a great way to take control of your fitness. Don’t rely on expensive gyms, where people look at you strangely and take up the entire floor making videos of themselves, build your own. Building a gym can be very affordable and simple.