In the 1990s, the production of cannabis products reached a new level thanks to genetic engineering, which brought feminized seeds to the market. Should cultivators opt for this type of marijuana or continue to grow mixed plants, struggling with male plants?

Why It Was Necessary to Feminize Marijuana Seeds

While marijuana needs both female and male plants to reproduce in nature, only female plant varieties are suitable for production. They develop sinsemilla with high levels of THC. Geneticists have achieved amazing results in the process of breeding the best feminized varieties. The Herbies cannabis online shop gives a 100% guarantee that the plant will be a female and, therefore, will allow you to collect a gorgeous crop of buds.

Benefits of Feminized Seeds

Insurance of the Crop

When buying ordinary seeds, the cultivator needs to buy a certain additional amount. You cannot know in advance how many of them will turn out to be male and, therefore, require replacement.

THC Yield

The high cannabinoid content is what marijuana is grown for. Feminized varieties are distinguished by the best indicators of the content of this valuable substance.

Females Don’t Pollinate

You do not have to put extra effort into the fight against accidental pollination. Only unpollinated female plants give the precious buds.

Less Overall Work

Feminized varieties are unpretentious in care and do not require a lot of your time.

For those new to cannabis cultivation, this will be a great smooth transition into serious marijuana production. An exceptionally positive first experience with growing marijuana buds will inspire subsequent cultivation cycles.

Herbies has collected the best types of feminized seeds from the most famous manufacturers. Try to make a choice in their favor, and you will no longer want to go back to the torment of caring for mixed plants. Only the best results, the richest harvest, and a lot of fun growing feminized seeds from Herbies!