Is your business hidden behind other buildings or nestled in the back of a parking lot? Are customers complaining about their difficulties finding your location? If this sounds familiar, you may have inadequate signage. In other words, your existing business sign isn’t doing its job. 

So, what’s the best solution? Have you considered using monument signs? No, you’re not erecting a monument to your business. Instead, you’re upgrading to more effective signage. Let’s break down what a monument sign actually is and how it can be used for your business.

What Are Monument Signs?

When you think of a monument, words like big, grand, and imposing often come to mind. Guess what? This describes monument signs. Monument signs sit on the ground, though some are mounted on a large base.

Monument signs are versatile, and this is only the start of their benefits. If your business is hidden from foot and vehicle traffic, a monument sign can help you get noticed.

Why Use a Monument Sign for Your Business

An obvious reason to use a monument sign is to advertise your business; the large, imposing sign is emblazoned with your company name, making your business all but impossible to miss. 

After all, how can customers drive past the imposing sign without glancing at its message? Sometimes, this is all you need to drive consumers to your front door.

The uses for monument signs don’t stop at business name advertising. The signs are large enough for you to include information about your business. Along with your business address, you can also include store hours and contact information. 

Do you have a business webpage? If so, add it to the monument sign; don’t worry about running out of space; there’s plenty of room. You may even have enough space to advertise products or services, which is a great way to cut down on customer confusion.

For example, if your logo or business name is a little misleading, advertising the products or services you provide can cut down on the number of confused visitors entering your store. 

Your business name may be the Sunshine Food Company, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you only carry products from the Sunshine State. Thankfully, you can use the monument sign to provide a little clarification.

Did you know you can even add a digital display to a monument sign? Now, your advertising possibilities are almost endless.

Advantages of Monument Signs

Okay, so you know monument signs are almost impossible to miss. The imposing signs don’t need to be ten feet off the ground to be easily visible since their sheer width and imposing design, think of brick, concrete, or stone, ensures the sign doesn’t get lost in the background. Even if other businesses have signage in the area, a monument sign will still easily stand out.

Did you know a majority of customers never visit a business that’s difficult to find? This applies even if the business is one they’re searching for. Consumers are more likely to skip the hard-to-find business and go to one that’s a little easier to locate, which isn’t good for your bottom line.

Monument signs boost visibility and add visual appeal; your monument sign can match the existing architecture or contrast with the building’s design—the choice is yours. If you decide to match the sign to your business, you get the added benefit of creating a consistent look for your brand. From the street signage to the building, customers know what to expect.

Whether it’s a large organization or a small family-run business, operating costs are always at the top of your mind. While monument signs do come at a price, don’t worry, it’s not going to break your advertising budget, they’re also durable. 

Your monument sign can last for years and still look great. Rain, snow, sleet, and sun aren’t going to ruin the sign’s appearance. This also sends a positive message to consumers that your business is here to stay.

In addition to not emptying your marketing budget for the year, monument signs provide year-round advertising throughout the day and night. Even when your business is closed, your monument sign is still working to attract customers.

Choose a Material 

If you think of brick or stone whenever someone mentions a monument sign, you’re on the right track. Brick and stone are common options, primarily for their durability and stability. If gusty winds are common, a brick or stone monument isn’t going anywhere. 

You can also go with concrete if durability is a priority. Some other options include wood, metal, and even plastic.

Make Your Business Stand Out

When facing customer feedback about difficulties in locating your business, installing a monument sign can be an effective solution. 

A well-designed monument sign makes your business more conspicuous and provides a distinctive landmark that sets it apart, ensuring visibility and ease of access even in areas crowded with advertising signs.