If you’re wondering how to appeal to a mixed audience of Gen Z and Millennials, you need to understand these two audiences to the best of your knowledge about them. First, we’ll look at how much time each category spends on social media, to begin with, and ascertain how much of your social media efforts should be targeted at one over the other. 

Then, we’ll look at specific nuances that tend to appeal to each category. After that, we’ll explore strategies you can take as a social media content creator to appeal to both simultaneously without compromising your message or your brand

Time Spent on Social Media

Overall, Gen Z tend to spend more than double the amount of time on social media compared to Millennials. Social media avenues that seem to appeal to Gen Z  include Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, whereas Millennials gravitate more towards Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Quora.

There’s a significant psychology behind these two audiences respectively, and if you understand them both, you can successfully navigate the process of grabbing their attention. 

What Social Media Content Appeals to Gen Z?

Devices like soft touch keyboards and ring lights affect the end product of a finished video. If you’re asking, “What is a soft touch keyboard?” or “What is a ring light?”, chances are you’re still in the beginning stages of learning how to produce better, smoother videos.  

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Creating social media content for Gen Z does take some effort, because they’re attracted to content that’s finer in detail and more “instant” in its delivery. For instance, making videos nowadays is a billion-dollar industry because the equipment that comes with refining videos matters in content creation. 

Small details like adding a ring light to your videos or filtering out the sound of mouse clicks and keyboard taps can make all the difference in your social media creation efforts being rewarded or disregarded. Content that’s airbrushed and aesthetically pleasing seems to appeal to them more readily.

What Social Media Content Appeals to Millennials?

Millennials are still avid readers. Most millennials can still remember life without advanced technology, and can adapt to reading through technology rather than instead of it.

This analytical approach to obtaining answers to questions allows them to absorb various kinds of information and analyze it in a more critical way. For this reason, appealing to millennials in various ways is an effective way of reaching them. 

Puzzle Building vs Instant Gratification

In short, millennials prefer to learn things through systematic discovery. They enjoy piecing information together until it provides them with one larger picture that answers their questions. On the flip side, Gen Z want information fast. They’re easily bored and won’t have their attention held if they feel their answers are not coming to them quickly. 

How Can Marketers Integrate Their Approach to Appeal to Both Gen Z and Millennials?

The big question is how you can shape your social media content to appeal to both millennials and Gen Z. Here are some suggestions:

  • Deliver your social media content in a medium that appeals to Gen Z, but make sure that content is well thought out and properly researched. Millennials will respond to the elaborate information you’ve put forth, while Gen Z will appreciate the medium and the fact that the information is being delivered directly and fast. 
  • Both categories appreciate high-resolution delivery. If you’re using mediums like images and videos, make sure they are well-refined graphically speaking. 
  • Deliver Gen Z appropriate content but give Millennials the option to go and do further research. Linking a video to a series of blogs or research material will affirm your content in the minds of Millennials and help them build their own puzzle using the pieces you provide them with. 
  • Pick topics that are relevant to both demographics. The topic is what will drive your audience to your social media platform, so be sure to promise a solution or answer queries that are relevant to both. 
  • Create content that is inclusive to both generations. Incorporate stories, characters, and/or desires that both Gen Z and Millennials can relate to. 
  • Both categories of your audience will respond to content that is authentic. Be honest and forthright, and cover all your fact bases with well-researched information. Don’t take a long time to get to the point, but be thorough. 
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To further cater to these diverse groups, marketers should consider the different values that drive each generation. Gen Z tends to prioritize innovation and social justice, so highlighting your brand’s commitment to these can attract their attention. Millennials, on the other hand, value transparency and authenticity, so demonstrating these traits in your branding and communications can resonate deeply with them. Understanding and addressing the distinct preferences of each group enhances the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Both Form Part of Your Market

Remember that both Gen Z and Millennials form part of your market, and both have buying power within that market. To leave out one is to cut a chunk of your profits, so keep things interesting by appealing to both.