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Laurel Hardy started her career as an international fashion model, but yearned for a position that would allow her to help people more directly. After returning to Connecticut, she studied Biology and learned about the necessity of grant money for funding scientific research. Her focus turned to finance, and the 2008 Financial Crisis peaked her interest in the stock market. Working as a broker for 4 years at a major wire house brokerage firm, Laurel learned how to invest from senior mentors with decades of Wall Street experience.

Laurel’s goal in founding her own wealth management firm is to make accessible financial strategy that would otherwise only be available to the wealthy. She believes you can build wealth in this country with solid planning and investment strategy, regardless of your family’s background, and is driven to work with millennials who stand to benefit the most from her sound advice.

Divider-3Year born: 1984

Age: 30

City: Windsor, CT

Background: Fashion Model with Wilhelmina’s, BA in Biological Sciences, Stockbroker/Registered Rep. with Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC.

Profession: Investment Advisor, Founder of Bespoke Wealth Management, LLC.

Tools of the Trade: Investments on public exchanges, Mind-Mapping, PreciseFP, Microsoft Excel, InStream, Twitter, Dropbox, PayPal, ScheduleOnce, Skype, Google meet-ups, WordPress, various educational websites for continuing education and to stay updated on policy.

Connect:  Website // Twitter

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