The New Organically Balanced Office

It is said that the average American will spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors. Many of these people are also working in a traditional office also indoors.  At PowerHouse Growers we believe in being happy and comfortable while working. These are two important factors in not only being more productive but also living a healthier working lifestyle.

If you have any control or input over how your office is laid out or run, you may want to consider creating a better Office Lifestyle – an organic or holistic balance at work allowing staff to perform at stellar levels.

Balanced Office Environments

More and more companies are now taking a modern approach to setting up their office environment by adding greenery and biophilia, allowing lots of natural sunlight in, creating comfortable mobile work stations, having different areas of the building to freely move between, and ditching fluorescent lighting. Many offices are now set up to be more conducive to creativity and productivity as opposed to imprisonment.

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Though modern office design includes an open floor plan, employers should be aware of some downsides to this structure. It is said that open working spaces have way higher potential to cause employee stress and can actually lower productivity. Being aware of these cons, companies can now also do their part to ensure their environment has balance by incorporating many of the elements we’ve listed here.

10 Tips For Employees To Love Their Office Environment

1. Stay organized and offer organizational solutions for less chaotic atmosphere

2. Be consumer and waste conscious as a team by adding incentives

3. Let everyone feel heard – give them a safe place to express their concerns

4. Add life’s simple pleasures like plants and vegetation – encourage care for this environment by allowing your staff periods of time to water, nurture, and clean

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5. Make the workplace a community

6. Focus work projects away from your desks – inspire

7. Make the office optional

8. Make education a priority

9. Take your staff on adventures – team building and social exercises

10. Add some perks like food, holidays, and birthday celebrations

Companies With Cool Creative Spaces

Of course world-class companies like Google and Facebook are now known for their impressive offices and headquarters. But some other majorly awesome designs and ideas include Missing Link’s treehouse design in Johannesburg, the entire LEGO office in Denmark, and Red Bull’s sleek and minimalist London office. For other change inspiration check out this roundup from Forbes of 10 Cool Office Spaces.

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Do you work in an organically balanced office? What does your work environment do to promote harmony and creativity?

What do you think?

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