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Hayden Crewes Sexsmith graduated from Parkrose High School in 2011 and started attending Portland Community College soon after. About a year into college, Hayden decided he would rather focus on gaining experience in his chosen career path. First he began with demolition, cutting concrete and tearing off walls, but he found the job to be too dirty and stressful. From there, another trade (masonry) he was working with offered him a job as a hod carrier. He took advantage of the opportunity and switched trades. After about seven months, work slowed and he was forced to go back to demolition. Seeing his dislike for the job, Hayden’s uncle advised him to join Local 16, the sheet metal worker’s union. He is now doing heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) installation and looks forward to going to work everyday.


Year born: 1993

Age: 22

City: Portland, OR

Background: Engineering Academy (A.C.E.) & Portland Community College

Profession: Sheet Metal HVAC

Tools of the Trade: DeWalt impact drill, double cuts, reciprocating saw, thinning hammer, aviation snips, tape measurer, screwdrivers, vice grips, cowboys, crimpers, tongs, lineman pliers, razor knife, insulation knife, wrenches, sockets, levels

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Written by Deanna Rae

Deanna is an entrepreneur who started her own photography business, "Deanna Rae Photography", in 2010. She is currently studying Photography and Design in Portland, Oregon.

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