20 Websites that Can Help You Make a Difference

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Most of us would love to do something that helps others, but often aren’t sure how to get started. As you’ll soon see, to make a difference is sometimes as simple as going online.


Billing itself as “The World’s Platform for Change”, this website lets users learn more about causes that are happening locally as well as around the globe, then sign petitions to show support for people who are being harmed.


Great if you’re ready to get your feet wet right away, this site offers ways to search for volunteer and paid opportunities to help others nearby or far away from home. You can also look for events to attend, such as rallies.

3. Avaaz

Boasting a movement that’s over 36 million members strong, Avaaz brings the world together for causes that matter. The “Happening Right Now” ticker is a great way to feel inspired by remembering you’re not the only person who’s standing up for causes you believe in.


4. Kiva

This site lets you use make a difference through the Internet by making loans for people in need. Many of the items for which money is being requested are very modest, like detergent, soft drinks for a business in Kenya or fertilizer and manure for a struggling farmer. Loans can be as little as $25.

5. Impossible

A social media website that’s built on the concept of a gift culture, this brainchild of model Lily Cole lets you fulfill “wishes” for others by offering your services for free, and letting others do the same for you.

6. Thomson Reuters Foundation

This website features news split into categories such as women’s rights, climate issues and wars, so you can easily catch up on recent happenings, and hopefully decide where your desire to do good could most readily be realized.

7. Causecast

This site is great if you’d like to get your workplace involved in volunteering. Whether you’re a supervisor or someone in an entry-level position, use this destination to feel inspired about what’s possible when people work together.

Make a difference- Millennial Magazine

8. Care2

Founded in 1998, this website combines topics like healthy living, environmental sustainability and humane animal treatment on a personal level and empowers people to move beyond that by getting involved on a global level.


Geared towards young people, this website offers a database of opportunities that prove how it’s possible to get involved with something that matters even if you truly only have a few minutes of spare time.

10.  I Am Totally Desperate

Although the name of this one is a downer, it offers a resource for people who want to make a difference by either giving or receiving donations. Monies can be sent through Paypal or Chipin.

11. KindSpring

The idea here is that even small things can make huge differences to others. Try the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge to get off on the right foot.

12. Take Them A Meal

Give the gift of food to someone in your neighborhood through this website that makes it easier to coordinate meal preparation for neighbors, and even offers recipes.

13. GOOD

Not just a site to help you get involved, it offers feel-good news to cheer your spirit, sourced from a wide variety of news outlets.

14. Free Rice

Take part in quizzes here and earn grains of rice for hungry people when you choose the right answers. This website is a partnership with the United Nations’ World Food Program.

15. American Red Cross “Find a Blood Drive” Engine

Giving blood is an easy way to help someone in need, but if you’re wondering where to go to take part, this easy search feature allows you to find opportunities by zip code.

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16. Donors Choose

Given the stamp of approval by Oprah Winfrey herself, this website lets you donate to teachers who need things for their classrooms.

17. Sevenly

If you’d like to freshen up your wardrobe, make sure to do so by shopping here. Seven dollars of every shirt sold go to a different charity every week.

18. Lotsa Helping Hands

This option focuses on providing relief for people who are caregivers. Whether you’re taking care of an aged loved one, or want to pitch in for someone who’s doing that in your area, this website makes it possible.

19. GiveBackAmerica

This online mall combines charitable giving with the convenience of shopping at websites you might be purchasing from anyway. Just make sure to always make this website your starting point instead of going directly to an online shop, because then your charity of choice will get its cut.

Millennial Magazine-make a difference

20. HandUp

This website and corresponding app help you directly impact the homeless community in your area. 100 percent of your donation goes to partner organizations that help the homeless, and you can also choose to donate to specific people who are less fortunate.

It’s neither difficult nor time-consuming to make the world a better place by taking a personal responsibility. You now have numerous ideas to spark your curiosity, so get out there and make a difference!

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Written by Ali Lawrence

Ali Lawrence is a Harrisburg-based writer and entrepreneur specializing in communication and health. She works as a content specialist for WebpageFX and blogs in her free time at MarCom Land.

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