It may seem like something that would be obviously detrimental, but relocating to a more expensive city can provide more professional opportunities, a better quality of life, and more options for things like entertainment and culture. The most popular cities in California — including San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles, are some of the most expensive cities in the United States — but can also provide some of the highest qualities of life.

If you are wanting to relocate to a more expensive city, there are many things to pay attention to and remember before you take the leap. There is already a lot of money and stress involved in the moving process, so definitely make the process as easy for yourself as you can. Take heed of these tips before looking into those California real estate listings.

Look at Job Opportunities

Unless you are looking at relocating for retirement, paying attention to the job market in the locale where you want to relocate is very important. With a more expensive location, you want to make sure you have your finances figured out and a good source of income so you can keep that financial stress low. There are many job opportunities in the big cities of California, from snack making to technology to gardening and everything in between.

Give Some Thought to Your Lifestyle

What kind of life do you like to live when you are not at work? Are you an outdoorsy person who wants to be around nature? Do you prefer the hustle and bustle of inner-city life, with tons of entertainment and dining options? Does noise on weekends bother you, or busy city streets get on your nerves? All of these are things to consider when you are looking at relocating. Set yourself up for success in your environment, even if that success only means being happy with your surroundings.

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Look for Somewhere You Will Feel Safe

A sense of safety is important for anyone, and even more so if you have a family who is relocating with you. Do some research on the area you are looking to relocate to, examining things like crime statistics, inclement weather solutions, and surrounding neighborhoods. Relocating can be a huge boon in life but if you relocate somewhere you cannot feel safe you will always be on edge.

So now that you have an idea of where you want to relocate and have all of your questions answered, you may still need to determine how to live in a more expensive environment without breaking your bank. There are many possibilities for cutting down on expenses and saving more money in everyday life.

Look for Included Amenities

If you are relocating to an apartment or community, pay attention to what amenities are offered with your agreement. Some locations may offer things like paid utilities or free parking. It is also important to pay attention to how close your new location may be to work, or to any businesses you may frequent. A closer location means less gas use, or the ability to bike or walk to places.

Take Advantage of Free

When you move to a new location, look for free activities going on in the area. There are often many interesting events that allow you to explore your new surroundings and meet new people without costing you anything. Local news channels and business pages may list networking events that can provide a double whammy of giving you some professional networking and introducing you to your new neighbors. Also, if free food is offered anywhere you are, try to take advantage of that, as well. It may make you feel a certain way, but if it is being offered, you are not wrong for taking the offer.

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Ditch the Car

If your location allows it, use public transportation as much as possible, or get around by using your own two legs. Many cities are becoming more and more bike and pedestrian-friendly. If you can bike or walk to work, the grocery store, that new restaurant you want to try, or anywhere else, do it! This will help keep costs down on gas — as well as car maintenance — and does double duty of helping to keep you healthy.

Moving to a new city can be incredibly stressful, and trying to make the transition to a city with a higher cost of living can further compound it. However, by keeping these six tips in mind, you can help minimize the stress and make the most of your new life in an equally brand-new city!