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Born in Grand Rapids, MI, Markus Shields fell in love with performance art and choreography just before his 18th birthday. Playing the role of Lazarus in a theatre production revived his soul after suffering the loss of his mother as a boy.

Now residing in Los Angeles, Markus touches students with his creative movement and message. In addition to instructing at Edge PAC, Markus teaches at IDA Hollywood, constantly inspiring and building his following. Although he trains dancers in California, he is often granted quick glances of the U.S. while touring universities and studios nationally.

When Markus isn’t sharing his passion with his students, he’s taking it in- training with the best and brightest of the industry. Whether in an audition, a fellow instructor’s class, or even as an instructor he remains a student. “Learning is just as important as educating,” he says. “It creates a constant cycle where knowledge is shared and ever flowing.”

Millennial Magazine - Markus Shields Profile


Year born: 1985

Age: 31

City: Los Angeles, CA

Background: Dancing since 18 years old

Profession: Choreographer & Instructor

Tools of the Trade: iPod Touch, Adobe Audition, Spotify, VideoPad, comfy gym shoes and a water bottle              

Connect:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram